Highlights and Lowlights Ideas for Brunettes

Highlights and Lowlights Ideas for Brunettes

Highlights and Lowlights Ideas for Brunettes

If you want to be the girl known for her gorgeous, glossy brunette locks with plenty of depth and shine, you have to turn your attention towards highlights and lowlights suitable for brunettes as this trend has and always will be huge. The variety of highlights/lowlights colors available to play with can add instant drama to the hair, so if you’re ready to take your locks out of the ordinary while giving your locks a whole lot of grown-up glamor, take a cue from the following styles.

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Done properly, highlights on brunettes can create a rich, elegant allure that instantly draws attention and the most popular highlights include caramel, honey, gold and mocha. However, the highlights can now be pigmented using other fabulous, rich and vivacious dyes that create a more edgy allure suitable for girls that want to make a statement and don’t mind playing with showstopping shades. Reds, pink, yellow, green, blue and purple are the most popular shades to mix in with your brunette hair, so dare to explore the vast hair color palette regardless if you’re reviving long, medium or cropped hairstyles.

If you have light brunette hair, lowlights can help add more texture to your locks although the result won’t be as dramatic as the one created using highlights. The color used in this hair coloring process is darker or richer than the base color resulting in a glossy two tone hair color that is natural looking and very ladylike.

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A more recent take on style when it comes to hair highlights for brunettes is the use of highlights applied towards the ends of the hair to create an ombre hair color effect. Its retro, bohemian allure makes it perfect for the honeys that want their locks to look chic and radiant. The streaks of color are applied starting from the middle towards the ends of the hair and allowed to lighten the color more and more as they reach the ends. While the most popular shade brunettes opt for is blonde, red and copper tones are also a perfect alternative to consider, so explore your options before you take a step towards a whole new look!

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Infuse rays of light into your locks by adding both highlights and lowlights into your sensual dark, brunette hair color starting near the roots. It’s become more and more popular for hair colorists to combine the power of these two hair coloring techniques to reveal a look that seems both chic and expensive. Forget about the block color and add some excitement to your hair by adding the richest, deepest lowlights or warmest and lightest pigments such as honey and caramel through your brunette strands. Brunette hair with highlights will only look luxurious with a good hair care routine, so keep the color intense and the hair glossy through the use of colored hair products and conditioners.

Keep in mind that highlights are created most of the time using peroxide which can permanently damage your hair if applied incorrectly, so turn to a professional and experienced hair colorist when switching your hair color, whether it’s a sublte or a bold change, as sexy hair is synonymous with healthy hair!