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Home Treatments for Sunburns

Home Treatments for Sunburns

Some people love the look of sun-kissed golden tanned skin – and after a day at the beach can also go home with painful sunburns. Soon they realize that the rays are not as gentle as they may appear. Excessive exposure to sun can result in serious sunburns. However, if it already happened then at least try to relieve the pain with the following homemade treatments for sunburned skin.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on cosmetic products when you have the basic ingredients for a sunburn treatment right in your kitchen.

Prepare the following mixture: add a cup of cold milk to 4 cups of cold water and if you wish additionally put a couple of ice cubes in the lotion.

Soak compresses (cloth or a towel) in milk – it is known that milk in itself can relieve the pain caused by sunburns.

Apply the compress to the sunburnt areas, keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the treatment whenever you feel like it’s necessary.

Tea Bags and Mint

Home Treatments for Sunburns

Another remedy for sunburns is tea, more specifically tea bags. Tea contains tannic acid which can reduce the heat from the affected areas. It is easy to prepare and can immediately soothe your tortured skin.

Take a bowl and boil some water. Then put some tea bags and mint leaves into another bowl and pour the hot water over the ingredients. Cover it and leave it for 1 hour.

The sunburn treatment should be put then into the refrigerator to cool. Dip some cotton pads into the mixture and wipe the sunburns with it. The peppermint will refresh your skin and body, the tea will also relieve the pain.


Vinegar is a non-chemical remedy for sunburns, especially apple cider vinegar. It will immediately will draw out the heat from the sunburnt areas. Similarly to tea, the acid from this liquid can moisturize the skin and prevents blistering.

All you need is some white or apple cider vinegar and a spray bottle. Pour some into the bottle, and apply it to the burnt skin. If it’s more comfortable for you, you can also use a cotton pad. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel like the pain is increasing.

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