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Homemade Hair Loss Treatments

Homemade Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss affects more and more people in society. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that concerns both average people and scientists. Endless theories were spread throughout the world of miraculous treatments and medication that can either prevent the hair loss or reverse the severe damage it caused. In fact usually, except the genetic and medical cases, the secret lies in the basic hair care routine.

Our nutritional plan, the styling tools as well as products and even pillow can influence the condition of our hair. Offering the most essential protection to our strands starts at changing the wrong habits that we used to during the years. The following guidelines enlist the basic instructions on how to minimize hair loss and even prevent its formation.

Hairstyles that are too tight as well as caps or hats and other headgear that blocks the sweat glands can lead to sever hair loss. These factors all traumatize the scalp making it prone to dryness and other diseases. Beside a super-polished and tight hairdo can traumatize the roots pulling the follicles to ultimate breakage.

Homemade Hair Loss Treatments

Hot water should be immediately banished from your hair care rituals. The heat can weaken your strands generating split ends and frizz.

Lukewarm water is the ideal one to rinse off your hair and pamper the follicles. Any extreme temperature can increase and aggravate hair loss.

There are several homemade treatments that can be applied to your tresses. However all of this include the massaging. This is the absolute remedy to boost up the blood circulation in your scalp.

This can immediately lead to hair growth especially if it’s joined by by masks that contribute to the regeneration of deteriorated hair.


Garlic is one of the miraculous ingredients of beauty care. This ingredient has unlimited beneficial effect.

Besides its antibacterial and antioxidant quality it can provide the scalp and follicles with the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients to grow.Several studies demonstrated that those who applied the juice of it to their hair experienced a gradual growth in a few weeks.Apply the sliced garlic to the critical spots, where you notice the signs of hair loss.

Rub it or better, massage it into your skin. This will increase the circulation, fastening the hair growth. Moreover, there are several pills created by professionals that can slow down the balding process.

Aloe Vera

It’s already a well-known fact not only a hearsay that aloe vera is one of the miracles of nature. Used to treat acne, bruises, skin and hair care disorders, it can reverse and ameliorate even the most severe illnesses. When it comes of hair loss, all you have to do is to cut the aloe leaf and use a spoon to cut out the fleshy inside.

Place it on your scalp and let it have its effect all throughout the night if you wish. Those who might be extra-sensitive should leave it on for 30 minutes then wash it off. Keep on with this treatment for at least 2-3 months and preferably 2 a week for visible results.

Almond Oil

Almond oil similarly to other soothing essential oils has a spectacular effect on the scalp. Hair care specialists advise you to massage a few drops into your follicles or skin. Go on with this tiny ritual at least for a few months. The 2-3 times per day application will be enough the stop the damage and boost hair growth.

Learn the basic tricks to minimize hair loss.

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