How to Choose Your Hair Brush

How to Choose Your Hair Brush

How to Choose Your Hair Brush

In order to keep your hair healthy and get that fresh-from-the-salon look you should pay a lot of attention when choosing the right brush for different hair problems. Make sure you find a brush that is gentle with your scalp and also makes your hair look healthier and smoother. There are numerous types of brushes, such as plastic, synthetic, and boar bristle brushes, each and everyone having its own properties in order to solve your hair problems. One essential thing to remember is to never brush wet hair. Still, if you want to, do it using a wide-toothed comb.

How to Choose Your Hair Brush

Vent Brush

Styling your hair is always a great challenge. Without professional help it is so difficult to get the perfect result that can only be obtained when visiting a salon. In order to style your haircut you need a vent brush, which is a thinner brush made from a light plastic or ceramic. This type of brush is easy to handle and it can easily replace the comb. It is suitable for different hair types and lengths. Moreover, it is so easy to clean and the ball tipped bristles allow hair removal on the brush without too much effort, while the large holes allow air to move freely through the brush and therefore making the drying process easier. Use a vent brush as a finishing styling step. Apply a soft layer of hairspray on the brush and pass it through your hair in order to emphasize hair movement. This will also help you to add some texture to your hair. How to Choose Your Hair Brush

Paddle Brush

A larger wide-toothed paddle cushion brush with bamboo ball tipped bristles allows you to gently untangle the knots. Its air cushion softens the untangling process acting gentle on hair and scalp. If you go for wood, remember that this is a natural heat conductor and this is why it reduces the drying time and neutralizes static electricity. Its ergonomic handle makes untangling easier. If your hair is very frizzy, start untangling from the ends towards the roots.

If you have medium hair, use a cushion brush to smooth hair, without adding volume. Keep in mind that cushion brushes are the perfect choice for fragile and damaged hair. They can also be used on fine hair. How to Choose Your Hair Brush

Large Round Brush

Long, straight hair seems to be every woman’s dream. For this, you need a super large round brush, which allows you to smooth larger locks. You can go for a brush made from a combination of synthetic and boar bristles that will make your long hair look soft and shiny, and will stimulate your scalp.

If you choose a ceramic brush, this will accelerate the drying process, leaving your hair brilliant. Start by placing the brush at the roots, under the hot blow of the hair dryer, and rotate the brush going towards the ends. Repeat the action three times in a row for every lock if you are looking for super straight, fine hair. Round brushes are not just for creating beautiful waves and curls. Larger round brushes are often used to straighten curly or wavy hair, but also to add some volume to the roots. How to Choose Your Hair Brush

Half-Rounded Brush

If you want curled ends, you need a half-rounded brush made from wildboar bristles. Use it especially when finishing the brushing process as this brush is the best when it comes to add movement into hair with just a simple trick. The most incredible thing about it is that its wildboar bristles leave your hair shiny and smooth. We all love a beautiful hairstyle with curled ends as it offers a quick and easy update without requiring too many styling tools. Use this type of brush and twirl the ends of your hair around it, using a blow dryer to obtain a special glam effect. You can fix the result with a cold air blow. Always start underneath the hair, and continuing with the outer locks. The half-rounded brush offers an amazing styling control with simple movements of the writs. Use it in order to add some bounce and sexy waves. How to Choose Your Hair Brush

Boar Bristle Brush

A wildboar bristle hairbrush is the best option when you want to add some volume into hair. This rigid, yet non-aggressive fiber protects fragile hair and limits static energy. Its thick bristles help you untangle hair easily. Moreover, it has the great advantage of being the perfect choice for children as it is rather difficult to untangle their hair without pulling.

For maximum volume effect always brush your hair from ends towards the roots. You can also use it while blow drying in order to add volume to the roots, without forgetting to apply a heat protecting treatment before. Boar bristle brushes are amazing as they make your hair look healthier. They are the perfect choice for thick hair, especially for the African American hair, which is so hard to manage. Boar bristles also stimulate and clean the scalp.