How to Choose Your Mascara

How to Choose Your Mascara

Mascara should be considered indispensable in your makeup kit. A touch of mascara can make a huge difference in finishing your eye makeup and give definition, making your eyelashes pop, look longer, thicker or curlier.How to Choose Your Mascara Pay attention to the result you want to achieve, because you cannot get volume, curves and length at the same time, even if some brands try to convince you that it’s possible. So decide your priority and shop the perfect mascara.

If you are looking to get nice long lashes, you’ll need a lengthening mascara. Opt for a wand with long bristles and formulas that contain tiny nylon or rayon fibers.

If you are looking to get curly lashes and don’t have time to use the eyelash curler, use mascara wands that have a curved design.

These will help lashes curl and define.

How to Choose Your Mascara

Apply the mascara first to the tip of the lashes then to the roots with a zigg-zagg motion of the brush to separate them. Also the texture of the mascara has to be not too dense to avoid lashes sticking together.

If you have delicate lashes and you’re using a mascara to make them even longer it’s not the best idea. Try mascara for volume to make them denser.

Avoid using volume plumping mascara if you have short lashes. Making them look full makes them seem even shorter than they are. Try to use mascara for length which will give super full, false lash-look.

How to Choose Your Mascara

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