How to Clean Hair Brushes

How to Clean Hair Brushes

Clean your hair brush regularly to make sure you remove the hair, dirt and product buildup that can soil your clean hair over time. Learn how to clean hair brushes the right way, based on their type and material.

Brushes need to be cleaned regularly just like combs that get dirty from the natural oils produced by your scalp. When you’re also using a lot of hair products, hair brushes can get dirty faster and proper hair brush cleaning becomes even more important.

Removing Hair

Some types of brushes, like the Anna Sui Hair Brush are very easy to clean using just your fingers to remove the hair. When you’ve neglected your hair brush a longer time and there’s a lot of hair stuck in, you can use a toothpick to get most of it out fast. However, a comb can come in very handy when you’re wondering how to clean hair brushes. Simply use a plastic wide-toothed comb to get the hair out of your brush faster and easier. Once you’ve removed it, it’s time to move on to the next step, the washing.

How to Clean Hair Brushes


Most hair brushes, like the Philip Kingsley Paddle Brush, can be washed with warm water and soap without any issues. You won’t be able to use water on any brushes that have air-filled cushions, since the water can get in and ruin the brush.

Depending on the type of brush, you can either submerge them in warm soapy water or wash them more carefully while making sure to keep water away from the head of the brush. Don’t submerge it completely if water can get into the hair brush through the air-vent hole. Nylon brushes can take the most water and soap, while boar bristle hair brushes can get damaged by too much moisture.

Removing serious product build up is easier with baking soda. Simply fill your sink with water and add a cup of baking soda and let the brushes sit for a few minutes.

How to Clean Hair Brushes


When you’re ready to dry your hair brush, you can let it sit on paper towels if it has a plastic or metal handle. When you want to protect a quality wooden handle like the Marlies Moller small round brush, it’s better to use a towel to prevent water damage to your hair brush.

The Cleaning Brush

Some hair brushes come with their own cleaning brush which makes the process of cleaning a lot easier. If you choose a product like the Mason Pearson Boar bristle & nylon brush, you can use the nylon cleaning brush to keep your boar bristle hair brush clean and it will need less exposure to soap and water.

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