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How to Color Your Hair with Henna

How to Color Your Hair with Henna

Henna is a perfect choice if you want to temporarily add a vibrant, shiny color to your hair without using harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your hair.

As a great natural alternative, henna comes in different reddish brown shades such as mahogany, copper or auburn. When you are shopping for henna always make sure that you purchase a pure, quality product in a store, to guarantee the best results. How to Color Your Hair with Henna

Tools you will need to apply henna on your hair:

100-500 g quality henna powder, depending on the length of your hair

lemon juice or vinegar

a shower cap

a pair of plastic gloves

paper towels

a wide-toothed comb

a bowl to create the henna paste

Step 1. Wear an old T-shirt or cover your shoulders with a drape or some paper towels. Put on the protective plastic gloves to prevent staining your hands with the product. In order to avoid staining your skin around your hair, apply cream or Vaseline to your forehead all along the hairline.

Step 2. Depending on the length of your hair, pour 100-500 g quality henna powder into a small plastic container and add lemon juice or vinegar. Create a solid mixture until you get a consistency similar to yogurt. Cover the paste with plastic and leave it to sit for a few hours. This way you can achieve a long-lasting, vivid finish.

Step 3. Part your freshly washed and air dried hair into several sections. Start with applying the paste on the bottom part of your hair, at the nape of the neck and gradually proceed upwards. Apply the mixture thick so that you make sure that you cover the entire scalp, leaving no dry spots on the lower layers of your hair. Spread the henna with a comb to distributed the paste evenly on your tresses.

How to Color Your Hair with Henna

Step 4. When you are done with applying the mixture on your hair, wrap your hair with a plastic bag in order to keep the dye warm and let it process on your hair. If your natural hair color is dark, henna should be left to sit on your hair for about 2-3 hours, while in the case of lighter hair colors, the recommended time is 5-8 hours. In this case you can leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Step 5. First, wash off the henna from your hair only with lukewarm water and then with a mild shampoo. Rinse your hair properly, until the water runs clear. Avoid using hot water, since it will let the color fade easily. Allow a few days for the henna to set on your hair and oxidize so that you will be able to see the final color. If necessary, you can repeat the process, until you obtain the desired color.

Using henna to give your locks a trendy, vibrant shade is a great natural option. Henna conditions and nourishes your hair naturally, making it soft and shiny. As opposed to chemical dyes, henna won’t irritate your scalp so you can achieve a great result without using damaging chemical, which can be harmful to your hair. Follow our tips and try out this wonderful natural hair dying method and enjoy your glossy and subtle hair color.

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