How To Comb Your Hair?

Throughout the entire day your hair goes through a myriad of problems and solutions. Is the air too hot and the hair starting to frizzy? Just roll it up in a bun and forget about it. Does the parent teacher meeting require you and her to be both dresses to the best in your formals? Just throw your hair into a tight braid and hers’ into two ponies. Will the hot guy from English class be walking past you in a few minutes? Just open the hair and ruffle it up for a messy look. Our hair goes through a lot of solutions and at the end of the day it comes down to the important nitty gritties.

comb your hair

Why Comb?

Is it good to comb your hair? Grandmother always used to force you to tie your hair up while you hit the sack and there was not merely stale orthodox followed traditions behind her reasoning but rather a solid science. While we toss and turn dreaming at night, the hair experiences friction with the pillow resulting in weakness and hair breakage. The same way the hair needs a proper comb through before you go on about the day. After a long day, before you retire for the night, make sure you have combed it again once. In the meantime, carry a small handy brush for the daily expert hair settings.

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Combing has a lot of benefits other than the usual settling the hair down. When you comb your hair, the scalp experiences pressure from the comb teeth which in turn stimulates blood circulation. With proper circulation, now you can easily grow your long stunted hair without worry.

Know Your Type:

The first basics to hair combing is to know the type that is best for you and here we first start with comb types. If you have a thinner consistency of hair and opted for short fluffy layers, always try sticking to a teeth comb. If you have thin but long hair use the teeth comb for your scalp but move to a hair brush while combing your mane.

When you comb a thick head of hair nothing suits better than a strong brush. The same goes for the mane too. After you have combed it through, use a teeth comb to settle it down.

comb your hair

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How To Comb Your Hair:

Here is a list of 5 Important tips and tricks for how to comb hair properly are as follows.

  • When you start with combing your hair, make sure you have the tangles sorted out first. If you try to comb your hair scalp down with tangles, not only will you end up losing a lot of hair but also will experience pain and difficulty.
  • Always start from the end. Separate your hair from the middle and gather one side with your hand. With a brush or comb start lightly combing through the lower layers. Don’t hesitate to use your hand if the tough tangles don’t listen to the combs.
  • Slowly work your way up to the middle only after the lower ends have been sorted out. The last section is the scalp. If you have your hair parted in the middle, follow the hair line and comb sideways.
  • Once you have combed the two sides down, use a partition comb to part the hair to your desired parting. You can even try the flip and sweep method where the hair is combed backwards and then making a suitable partition, the front locks and flicked to the side and swept. This gives a more defined and volume filled look.
  • Always avoid combing wet hair. If you have wet hair and combing is necessary please follow the upper rules where you comb the lower ends and move up. In case of wet hair tangles, use water force to detangle your hair. Then dry it before combing.

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