How to Combat Frizzy Hair

How to Combat Frizzy Hair

Are you tired of your frizzy tresses? Well, if you have to deal with it every day, you probably are, so you need to do something about it. There are a lot of reasons for your frizzy hair and you need to determine that cause. If you want to beat something, you need to find out how to approach the problem. Damaged hair can sometimes be the cause of your frizzy hair. The damage caused to the hair cuticles may trigger the frizzy effect, this is why protecting the hair against damage is a must.

Hair coloring can lead to frizzy hair because once the hair is colored it is stripped permanently of the natural oils which are found on the hair shaft. The oils are meant to protect the hair against damaging factors. Also the natural oils would not allow the water to be absorbed by the hair. By striping the hairs’ oil through hair coloring, the hair is left unprotected and will absorb water, thus aiding frizzy hair. Moisture is the main cause of frizzy hair and, as stated before, it can affect damaged and colored hair, hair which is not protected by natural oils.

There are so many factors which can cause hair damage, so it is very important if you wish to prevent frizzy hair to maintain a proper hair care.

How to Combat Frizzy Hair How to Combat Frizzy Hair

Here are some tips to help you deal with frizzy hair:

Use heat protection products whenever you are using heat to dry out or style the hair. Use mild products on your tresses to avoid stressing them and causing them damage.

Do not over clean your hair because this will only help strip the hair from its oil and cause it to dry.

Apply conditioner on your tresses whenever you wash your hair to restore its moisture. Conditioner will make the hair appear soft and shiny.

Avoid blow drying your hair as much as possible. Try to let it air dry naturally because blow drying can be a harsh procedure for the hair, especially if the heat setting is used.

Get regular trims to make sure you eliminate any possible split ends which, in time, can travel up the hairs’ shaft. Split ends and damaged hair in general are prone to frizz.

Apply an anti-frizz product on your tresses. Anti-frizz serums contain silicons which help coat the hair and provide a humidity barrier. They are very effective products against frizz.

The best way to eliminate frizz is to maintain a healthy hair. Care for your gorgeous tresses and your hair will remain styled longer, without giving you headaches.