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How to Create the No-Makeup Look

How to Create the No-Makeup Look

Makeup can be a real burden sometimes, especially on days when you are tired of all the fuss and effort. However you still want to look good, but natural and fresh.

This job is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. The following tips help you in creating the ‘no-makeup’ look.

The most important thing is to apply the makeup onto a cleansed and moisturized skin – you want it to last all day and this will be the perfect base for your natural makeup look. Then the very first step is to choose the foundation to match perfectly your skin color.

It is important to apply it only where you need it – problem areas, as under the eyes, especially if you have dark circles or crow’s feet.

How to Create the No-Makeup Look

When shopping for foundation and can’t find in your skin color, choose rather the lighter shade then the darker one – you want it to look natural. You can also use a concealer or a slightly tinted foundation to cover uneven spots.

Give this step some time then proceed to the next level. Almost everybody needs some kind of foundation to get an even skin tone. The effect you create with your eye makeup is also essential.

Don’t exaggerate, choose eyeshadows in neutral shades. Apply the lighter shade to the brow bones as a highlighter, then apply the darker shade to the crease, insisting more at the outer corner.

How to Create the No-Makeup Look

Shades as: beige, coffee and even light brown are perfect for a ‘no-makeup’ look. Avoid using shimmery eyeshadows and strong, vivid colors; shades that are 3 shades darker then your skin tone will work best. The point is to emphasize your natural beauty, the color of your eyes and their shape. Use larger brushes in order to apply the eye shadow more naturally and to be able to blend colors together well.

You should accentuate your eyelashes in their own length and density. Simply use an eye lash curler to curl lashes, then apply clear mascara.

Put on two coats if you feel the need for it, but let the first coat dry completely. This will give definition to your lashes and help you look natural.

Your lips also should adopt the ‘no-makeup’ look with a nude lip gloss or just a chapstick. If you stick to lipstick use it but apply some lip gloss over it. It is advisable to look for shades same as the natural color of your lips.

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