How To Cut and Trim You Own Bangs

How To Cut and Trim You Own Bangs

Your bangs grew out and you’re desperate for a trim? If you don’t have time, or finances to go to get a haircut at the salon, you can still get it at home – furthermore you don’t have to pay 30 bucks for a simple bang trim.

This may sound an easy task, but if you want to pick up those shears you may want to know some hair cutting techniques.

Here are some tips to avoid homemade haircut disasters!

How To Cut and Trim You Own Bangs

You can trim your bangs both dry or damp. When wet, hair’s cut easier, but it also appears longer – that’s why some cuts may come off shorter then they supposed. When cutting wavy or curly hair you should pay attention even more to the length you want to cut. Leave it a 1/2 longer to allow for drawing up shorter when it dries; if needed you can always readjust the wanted length, just don’t cut too much at a time.

How To Cut and Trim You Own BangsHow To Cut and Trim You Own Bangs

When cutting bangs, comb hair straight into the forehead, then pull the rest of the hair back and secure it. Divide bangs horizontally into two sections; pin the upper section up with a hair-clip. Hold the other section between your pointing finger and middle finger, then cut it straight right under your eyebrows. Let the upper section down and cut – let the already cut section guide you.

If you don’t want a blunt look lift bangs slightly to give them a little layering.Cutting straight bangs in one piece is more difficult then when dividing hair in two – on thick, coarse hair every little mistake is more obvious. Take your time, try not to hurry and cut hair gradually for the best results.

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