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How To Do Black Eye Makeup?

A dark smokey eye makeup is a hot favourite of many girls. You must have tried sporting a smokey eye makeup look. A normal smokey eye makeup may sometimes look either too clumsy with a lot of hues of similar colors. However, you could do a darker and bolder smokey eye makeup look without going overboard. You will not even need lots of splashes of colors. A few steps and you will have a gorgeous dark smokey eye makeup look with the main ingredient as black.

Yes, when talking of a bolder but simpler version of smokey eye makeup, the main color of choice should always be black. You can grab just two colors from the market black eyes shadow and glitter silver. A false lash for both the upper and lower rim will be even more delightful.

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Steps For A Black Eye Makeup:

  • Cleanse face with a Ph balanced cleanser.
  • Next use a sunscreen or a moisturiser if it is night time. Let it sit on skin for 1 minute. Use an eye lid primer is also available these days. Use that blending well with the skin of the eyelid.
  • Follow with a concealer to cover up any spots, bluish veins, blemishes or dark circles. Blend well with skin.
  • Next use a foundation. This prepares the base for your makeup to sit.
  • Now take a gel eye liner or liquid black eye lner. Draw up a broad lining starting from the exterior of the upper eye lid.
  • Take kohl and use it on the lower rim. Line the inner rim and then make a broad line along the lash line. If you have small eyes, then do not use kohl on to the water line. Use a flesh toned pencil instead. Use kohl after this just below the lash line.

black eye makeup

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  • Next take a black eye shadow on a Q-tip applicator brush and use it on to the whole of the upper lid. In absence of black eye shadow, use kohl to fill the entire upper lid. Leave the crease area. Using black on to crease area will over do the makeup.
  • Now take a clean Q-tip and spread the black eye shadow or the kohl from the exterior side of the upper eye lid. Smudge the color and enter the crease area.
  • Use the same Q-tip to smudge the lower eye lid line. Do not smudge too much at the interior portion. Only smudge at the exterior sides.
  • Your eye makeup is almost complete but to give this look a more fresh form, we will use the silver eye shadow. Take a clean angled brush. Coat it well with silver eye shadow. Use this on the lower rim at the inner corner and extend following the lower rim line only half way across the eye. It should be such that the silver slowly blends into the dark.
  • Give a little silver to the brow bones just starting above the crease section.
  • Curl your eye lashes. Use mascara.
  • If using false lashes, use them right after mascara application with the glue that comes with the pack.
  • Fix and hold with tweezers for 1 minute. You have to be steadier if you are using single clump lashes.
  • Using false lashes on both lids will make a bolder black eye makeup look.

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Your eye makeup is complete. Sport this with your party outfits. Many party outfits have a touch of black and silver to them. This eye makeup is very good for those occasions.

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