How to Fix Broken Makeup Products

How to Fix Broken Makeup Products

How often did you have to throw out your makeup cause you dropped them and broke them? I’m sure that many times, but this series is over.

You don’t have to get rid of broken makeup products anymore. There are several tricks to fix them – read these tips on how to fix broken beauty products.

How to fix broken eyeshadow

Your favorite eyeshadow just slipped out of your hands. It seems that there’s no remedy but to buy a new one. Don’t do it yet, first try to put the little broken pieces back into the packaging. Then add a little bit of alcohol to make it more solid. Get a coin and press the eyeshadow into its place. Don’t push it too hard, then let it dry for a few hours.

Probably you won’t be able to give back its original shape, however you still saved it for further usage.

This trick works with pressed eye shadows, since alcohol has a great solidifying effect.

If the eyeshadow it’s softer, try to put the little broken pieces back, then cover it with a tissue paper and by using a coin press it gently into place. Leave it for a couple of minutes then it’s ready to use.

Stuck nail polish cap

The best way to avoid stuck nail polish tops is preventing it from sticking to the bottle. The point is to remove the excessive nail polish from the glass, after doing your nails. Apply some remover solution to a cotton swab then, wipe off the residues. This way you’ll make your job easier for next time. Also keep the bottles always upright find a place where you can store them this way.

If the tragedy already happened, do the following. Keep the bottle horizontally, then let some tepid water flow on the top of the nail polish bottle. This will dissolve the solidified glue-like solution. Keep it under the water for a few minutes. If it doesn’t work, try the hard way, use a cloth for a better grabbing, then try to open the bottle with force.

What to do with broken lipstick

Lipsticks tend to become very soft if they are not kept properly. The wrong temperature and its inappropriate position can damage the quality of the product and it’s more prone to melting and breaking.

However it is easier to prevent the problem than solve it. That’s why if you see that your lipstick is about to melt, place it into the refrigerator and keep it there for a longer period.

If you have already damaged it, put the lipstick back into the package and use a lip brush, to apply it. You’ll see it will last longer if you use this trick.

Another trick would be to melt the surface of the complete part with a match. Then place the broken piece on the top of it, the two part will melt together. Finally store it in the refrigerator until it gets back its initial shape.

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