How to Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy

How to Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Loose skin after pregnancy is one of the biggest post birth beauty problems, but some women also experience dry and itchy skin. Find out how to tighten loose skin after pregnancy and discover a few other simple tricks to get your skin back in shape.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on yourself, since your newborn takes up most of your energy, find out how to improve the condition of your skin. Here are the best tips for tightening skin after pregnancy and for getting rid of dry and itchy skin.

How to Tighten Skin After Pregnancy

Outside of plastic surgery, there’s no miracle solution for loose skin after pregnancy, so every day count. Even if you’re sleep deprived and lack energy, start focusing on your skin problems after pregnancy as soon as you can to minimize their effects.

The Right Way to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Probably the worst thing you can do for your skin after giving birth is a drastic diet, designed to help you lose weight as fast as possible. Your skin has already lost some of its elasticity, so opt for a gradual weight loss solution instead of a fad diet. The right approach when you’re wondering how to tighten loose skin after pregnancy is to not put any more pressure on it with quick weight loss.

How to Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Use the Right Cosmetics for Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Whether you have stretch marks or not, you need to use creams and lotion daily to keep your skin deeply moisturized and help it bounce back as fast as possible. Hyaluronic acid, DMAE and alpha-lipoic acid are some of the most useful ingredients, but don’t forget about vitamins and minerals! Loose skin after pregnancy responds better to lotions and cream that include minerals like zinc and copper, along with vitamin B complex and vitamins A, C, E and K.

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy – Exfoliation and Massage

Increasing blood flow to your skin is very important if you want to tighten your skin as soon as possible. If you’re suffering from dry and itchy skin, focus on the massage and use chemical exfoliants with AHAs. However, if your skin can take it, homemade scrubs, made with either brown sugar or sea salt, can have an even stronger effect. Massage your skin, especially in the belly area, as often as you can, even in the shower with a loofah.

How to Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy

The Best Exercise to Tighten Skin After Pregnancy

There are two types of exercise that can help with loose skin after pregnancy faster. Cardio is the easiest way to burn fat all over your body. Focus on doing 20 minutes at once, at least 3 days a week, but preferable 5. Another easy answer to the question of how to tighten skin after pregnancy is strength training. Improving your muscle tone helps the skin a lot, but make sure you check with your OB/GYN before starting any type of intensive exercise routine.

Stay Hydrated to Help Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Your diet is very important after you give birth, but don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drink it to flush out the toxins faster and to help with all skin problems after pregnancy, including water retention which can also emphasize the look of loose skin.

How to Fix Dry Skin After Pregnancy

Most skin problems after pregnancy are related to your hormones fluctuating, so the best way to solve it is to wait it out. Meanwhile, you should only use the most gentle and non-drying cleansers and body washes. You might even want to share those you’re using for your baby. Avoid hot water and make sure there’s enough humidity in the air: simply put a bowl of water next to your radiator if you don’t have a humidifier.

How to Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy

How to Fix Itchy Skin After Pregnancy

One of the biggest skin problems after pregnancy can be itchy skin, especially if it’s already started during pregnancy in your belly area. Make sure to always moisturize right after a shower or bath and keep your moisturizer in the fridge for an even better effect. Avoid hot water, heavily chlorinated water and make sure none of your soaps or cleansers are too harsh.

How to Fix Skin Discoloration After Pregnancy

Some women also experience a problem just as severe as loose skin after pregnancy. Called melasma, post pregnancy hyperpigmentation can lead to severe skin discoloration if you’re careless. The most important way to deal with darker freckles on your skin and other discoloration is to protect your high from UV radiation with a good sunscreen with very high SPF.

Exfoliation and microdermabrasion are also good ways to handle this type of skin problems after pregnancy, but you should never use bleaching creams until you stop breast feeding altogether! You can still use retinol creams to increase cell turnover and fight skin discoloration after pregnancy.