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How to Fix Ruined Eyebrows

How to Fix Ruined Eyebrows

Eyebrows are of great importance when it comes to appearance and facial features. The shape of the eyebrows can most definitely change the your look. This is why celebrities turn to the best beauticians to shape their eyebrows. Because most women prefer to shape their own eyebrows you can definitely hear help! I’ve damaged my eyebrows. Shaping your own eyebrows comes with certain risks, one wrong move and your eyebrows can be ruined.

People have different facial features, so their facial features can be best enhanced by different eyebrow shapes. The shape of the eyebrow can be easily determined by beauticians since they are well trained and have a better view of the points needed to be considered when shaping an eyebrow. One of the most difficult things about eyebrow shaping is creating equally shaped eyebrows. When plucking and shaping your own eyebrows, one doesn’t have the possibility to see both eyebrows, causing error to intervene quite easily.

How to Fix Ruined Eyebrows How to Fix Ruined Eyebrows

If however you’re crying for help because you’ve damaged your eyebrows, you need to know a few helpful things:

damaged eyebrows cannot be repaired until the hair grows completely back. Regrowing your eyebrows can require a little bit of time, so patience is necessary

the new grown eyebrow hairs can look pretty unaesthetic, but they can be easily concealed using foundation and powder. This way you will be able to hide the growing hairs and look perfectly groomed

if you took too much out of one eyebrow, don’t ruin the other one as well, just fill the empty spot using an eyebrow pencil in a similar color as your eyebrow

eyeshadow can be of great help when trying to reshape your eyebrows without plucking them. You can arch and define your eyebrows using make-up in your eyebrow color and an angled brush

a brow brush can help you conceal damaged eyebrows, just brush the hairs to conceal any mistakes. This is an option for small mistakes only

To avoid damaging your eyebrows and crying for help turn to a beautician or make sure to pluck gently and without a hurry. Use a magnifying mirror and constantly check your progress by looking in a regular mirror. This way you will be able to pluck exactly the hairs that need plucking. Try to pluck your eyebrows in an illuminated room, with plenty of natural light.

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