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How to Get Sun Kissed Skin Using Makeup

How to Get Sun Kissed Skin Using Makeup

Girls love makeup and it’s really easy to see why; makeup can help transform the look of a person by enhancing the best facial features and concealing the flaws, this in case the makeup used is of high quality and applied properly. Learning how to get sun kissed skin using makeup can help you enhance the beauty of your skin as sun kissed skin looks healthy and has a certain glow which attracts attention and softens the facial features of a person.

Natural beauty is considered timeless and this means you can use a minimum amount of makeup just to put your best features into value, thing which will make you look and feel so much better in your own skin. Getting that sun kissed look without turning to tanning products is very easy as bronzer is one makeup product which can help create a lovely radiant sun kissed effect which you can benefit from as often as you wish.

Bronzers come in different forms such as cream, compact, powder as well as pearls and they are all meant to give you the same result, gorgeous sun kissed skin. In order to ensure you get a flawless result you need to ensure you follow the application steps thoroughly, so here is how you can get a sun kissed skin using makeup:

How to Get Sun Kissed Skin Using Makeup

Choose the right bronzer for your skin type as bronzers come in different shades to suit different types of complexion. To get the best results use a bronzer which is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone choose a honey colored bronzer, if you have a medium tone complexion go for rose-gold colored bronzer and if you have tanned or dark skin choose a brown colored bronzer.

Certain bronzers have multiple shades and look like they are marbled but they are only meant to give you an even more perfect sun kissed look.

Choose a wide fluffy powder brush to apply the bronzer as it will work much better as if you were using other sponges or your fingers. The brush will ensure you apply just enough product and exactly where you want it to look gorgeous.

The bronzer is applied directly to the skin without using foundation as it can smudge and look unappealing so in order to obtain a perfect look you need to apply a tiny amount of translucent powder to ensure the skin is not oily, which would have the same effect as the foundation on the bronzer. If however your skin is dry but not flaky you can apply the bronzer without the powder first or you can just use a cream bronzer. If you have dry flaky skin moisturize the skin first and then apply the powder after which you will continue with the bronzer.

Use the fluffy brush to apply the bronzer on the areas which are usually more exposed to the sun such as the cheekbones, the temples, the bridge of the nose and the chin to get a natural look that glows. Do not cover your entire face as this will not allow the bronzer to create the desired effect.

Stand in the light when applying the bronzer to observe just how much bronzer you need to apply to look gorgeous.

Experiment with makeup so you can look different and fabulous every time you step out the door as this way you will capture everyone’s attention through your style and beauty.

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