How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back

Has it been a long time since you haven’t seen your hair color and you miss it? Well, you are probably not the only one in that situation. Hair coloring can be pretty addictive since women love changes and can’t stop experimenting.

I don’t know why, but every woman wants to change, and hair color is the easiest solution to changes. There are so many colors available to choose from in order to satisfy each woman’s desire, colors which can be pretty difficult to get rid of.

Permanent hair color, the hair dye women mostly opt for is permanent, just like its name states, which means the color will persist on the hair until it is grown out or the color removed. If you miss your natural hair color and you wish to get it back, you need to:

stop using permanent hair dye to color your tresses. Use another type of hair coloring once your roots have grown out and the result is not all flattering. Try temporary hair color or semi permanent hair color, which washes out after a few weeks. This way your grown out natural hair will be concealed temporarily

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back

discuss your options with your hair dresser. She might be able to gradually bring your hair color to your natural shade by dying it. This is a solution which might take a while but it offers the advantage of making sure your roots are not visible

find hairstyles which would look great with your grown out roots. You can choose updo hairstyles[/link], hairstyles which will conceal the grown out roots

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back

accessorize your hair with hats, scarves, and other fun hair accessories. The cold season is here and this would be a great time to grow out your natural hair, especially since hair accessories are very hot this season. You will “catch two birds with a stone”

hair highlights can help you dissimulate grown out roots if the difference between the natural hair color and the growing out hair color is not so significant. The highlights can distract the attention from the two colors. Once your natural hair is all grown out, you can color your highlights your natural color and your hair will look great

Cutting your hair is no longer the only solution, there are other simpler solutions to getting your own natural hair back.

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