How to Grow Your Hair Out

How to Grow Your Hair Out

Growing your hair out always starts with providing it better care. After all, you don’t simply want long hair, you probably want long hair that looks and feels good. Try these expert tips on how to grow your hair out the right way.

Getting good looking long hair will have an impact on more than just your hair care routine. Hair is dead, but the follicles that produce it are very much living and they need to be properly cared for. Reducing the friction between your hair and the pillowcase is a good place to start and you can try a silk pillowcase, like the Frette Essentials Doppio King Pillowcase to make sure your hair doesn’t get damaged while you sleep.

Eat Right

A good diet can’t make your hair grow faster, but it can eliminate some problems that slow down its growth or affect its look. Try to get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, along with minerals like iron and zinc and vitamins A, B and E. If you can’t get all that in spades from your diet, try multi-vitamin and natural supplements for hair growth.

How to Grow Your Hair OutHow to Grow Your Hair Out

Use the Right Brush

Brushing your hair regularly can either help or hurt it. Be sure to use only natural boar bristle brushes if you want to keep your hair looking great while growing. Try the Hana K. Diamond Wood Boar Bristle Square Cushion Brush or the Janeke (Made In Italy) Pure Bristle Brush – Plexiglass to brush your hair efficiently and with style.

Stimulate Circulation

Any type of exercise helps improve circulation in the scalp, but if you’re focused on how to grow your hair out, spend a few minutes each day giving yourself a gentle scalp massage.

Heat Protection

Hair damage is mostly caused by heat, from blow drying and heat styling tools. Protect your hair from heat with products like the BlowPro Heat Is On Protective Daily Primer or go for Carol’s Daughter Heat Protection Serum. Argan Oil From Morocco Miracle Heat Defense Spray is another fine choice that prevents the damaging effects of heat and gives you smooth tresses.

How to Grow Your Hair Out

Trim Regularly

If you simply stop trimming your hair, you might end up with a transitional look you don’t like AND split ends. Based on how much your hair is prone to splitting, go in regularly for a trim. It might take a bit longer to grow your hair out, but you’ll end up with beautiful tresses.

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