How to Hide Root Regrowth

How to Hide Root Regrowth

Hair coloring can be an easy instant way to create a more interesting and alluring hairstyle. However maintaining a proper hair color requires a lot of work to be able to look our best. Hair root regrowth is one of the first problems that emerge shortly after the hair was dyed. For those who have long tresses this problem is generally more noticeable, however those with shorter locks face the problem as well, although it might be at a slightly lower scale.

While getting regular touch ups is the best solution for this problem, sometimes we are unable to do it right away. Until we manage to schedule an appointment with a hair colorist or find time to do it ourselves camouflaging the outgrown roots is the next best thing we can do. Here are a few quick solutions that can be used to camouflage nasty regrown hair roots fast: How to Hide Root Regrowth

Experiment with different hairstyles Some hairstyles do a better job hiding regrown roots than others. Examples of hairstyles that can help you look flattering despite of coloring problem include: wavy and curly hairstyles, partially braided hairstyles, slicked back hairstyles or even fashionable wet look hairstyles.

Changing your part can also be beneficial. Zigzag parts are one of the best choices because it has the most coverage power. For shorter hairstyles adding volume and creating a deliberate messy texture can be one of the simplest and most stylish solutions that can be applied.

Play with hair accessories If you are a fan of funky hair accessories you can instantly solve two problems at once: creating a more interesting hairstyle and cleverly camouflaging outgrown roots. Headbands, hats and scarves are all great solutions if you know how to use them wisely. Placing a wide head band or a cute scarf on the ares where the regrown roots are the most visible can easily solve the problem and allow you to look beautiful without effort.

Use makeup Using makeup on your tresses might sound weird, however is one of the most clever solutions for temporarily covering dark roots. Depending on your hair color you will have to take advantage of different makeup tools to achieve your goal. If you are blonde the most effective makeup product for you is the face powder. If you are a brunette a brown or other dark eyeshadow color will most likely do the trick for you. For redhead bronzer is the product that can literally save the day. Apply these products with a blusher brush and you are ready to go. How to Hide Root Regrowth

Keep your hair as clean as possible

Dirty, oily hair hair makes root regrowth a lot more noticeable, especially if the contrast between your natural hair color and the hair dye color is already noticeable. While washing your hair more frequently won’t by itself solve the problem, at least it will make it slightly less noticeable.

On the other hand frequent washing will also make your hair color fade faster especially if you opted for a seductive red shade, which in turn will increase your hair color maintenance costs.

Get some temporary highlights

If you are a fan of contrasting hair highlights adding some temporary highlights can be the right solution for you. If your tresses are dyed in blonde shades and your natural hair color is a dark one you can even get away with dark roots, as this is one of the hottest looks of the moment.

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