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How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

The arrival of summer encourages us to make several changes in our beauty routine to be able to cope better with the overwhelming temperatures. Many of us have already begin updating our skin care routine or summer-proofing makeup but many times when it come to our hair care routine things can become more complicated.

At a first glance it might seem that there’s not much we can do to prevent the summer related hair damage but most of the times this is far from being true. Certain precautionary measures can go a long way to ensuring that our tresses remain healthy and strong throughout the entire hot season but even if the harm has already been made there are plenty solutions that can help you reverse the damage. Here’s how to solve the most common hair problems this summer. How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

Dry brittle hair

During the summer the sun rays tend to be quite aggressive to the hair cuticle and in combination with other external factors the damage can be even more pronounced. To counteract the problem several options exist however the most effective one is proper moisturizing.

Choosing a rich leave-in conditioner and applying a deeply moisturizing mask at least once a week are the most effective weapons you have to prevent and minimize hair damage. This weekly ritual will have a positive influence in reducing annoying problems such as tangles and frizzy hair.

In addition, limiting the use of heat styling tools and adopting hairstyles that require less maintenance and styling options such as buns or knots, short hairstyles or braided hairstyles might prove to be helpful. Also try to avoid using hair products that contain alcohol or formaldehyde as these will dry out the hair even more.

Resist the temptation to use shine enhancing hair products if you have dry hair as these will worsen the problem as well. Last but not least, make sure you use products that offer solar protection to your hair. How to Protect Your Hair in Summer

Chlorine damage

The second worst enemy of your hair in the summer is definitely chlorinated water from swimming pools. Making the hair more prone to breakage and altering the color of the hair dye making your locks look lifeless chlorine damage can be really hard to combat. To prevent chlorine damage always wet your hair before entering the swimming pool because in this way your hair will be less susceptible to absorbing the dangerous chemicals contained in water.

Sparking water would be the ideal choice but any option you have in hand is better then exposing dry hair to chlorine. If you’ve failed to take this simple preventative measure you can still do a little damage control by rinsing your hair with club soda immediately after.

A shampoo with sodium thiosulfate as an active ingredient might also help reverse the damage. Salon treatments are another option for those who have severely chlorine damaged hair. A local hair technician will be able to offer more information about a revolutionary products which instantly improve the way your locks look.


Hair accessories, when used wisely can be powerful weapons against sun damage. Broad hats can be useful defense against aggressive UV rays. Make sure you avoid hair accessories that might make your delicate strands prone to breakage such as ponytail holders with metallic closers or barrets with rough edges.

Avoid using peroxide to create highlights as these products can have a devastating effect on your tresses weakening the hair cuticle.

Whenever possible let your hair air dry instead of using a blow drier to give your hair the chance to recover from the harsh treatments it may be subjected to

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