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How to Style Boho Braids

How to Style Boho Braids

There is no doubt that braided hairstyles are always a statement that give a fun, playful flair to your overall look. Besides, braids are a great option when you want to reinvent your hair time and time again. There are so many different braids you can try whether you have medium-length or longer hair. Braids are versatile and suitable to any occasion. From a simple side braid to more complicated braided buns, it seems there’s no end when it comes to the variety of options this style offers.

Boho braids are so refreshing, pretty and youthful and are perfect if you don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard. Indeed, plaits are lovely, yet they can also be elegant and can be worn day or night. Choose a rather messy and undone approach as seen at Charlotte Ronson. You just need a center parting and a few random thin braids. Or, you can try a go-to style for a quick fix (Saint Augustine Academy) by creating a thick braid at the hairline. Side part the hair before starting plaiting.

How to Style Boho BraidsCharlotte RonsonHow to Style Boho BraidsSaint Augustine Academy

How to Style Boho BraidsSaint Augustine Academy

Summertime is all about having fun and playing with your styling. Forget about boring sleek and straight hairstyles and give your hair an update! Make the most of your beautiful tresses trying different boho braids. If you think the romantic messy side braid spotted at Lela Rose is too common, go seriously romantic with an adorable halo braid as seen at Erdem. Even though it might seem quite tricky to master, this style is in fact really easy to achieve. You just have to practice a little!

The bohemian halo braid is one of those hairstyles that can make you feel feminine, stylish and sophisticated. Besides, it is extremely practical as it keeps hair off your neck during hot summer days.

Start by sectioning the hair from the top of the ear across to the other ear in order to obtain two parts, a lower and an upper one. Next, take a hair section at the temple and begin the braiding process making a classic, already legendary French plait. Continue all around the hairline until you reach the center of the forehead where you work the braid around and down the other side of the hairline and behind the ear. Then, start adding the hair in the lower section going down to the nape of the neck until you get on the side you began. Secure the braid with an elastic band and using some bobby pins loosely tuck the ends so they are not visible.

Practice if you want to get your technique right. You can also begin plaiting at the nape of the neck and continue all around the hairline until you get to the front. As a final step, apply some hairspray.

How to Style Boho BraidsLela RoseHow to Style Boho BraidsErdem

How to Style Boho BraidsErdem

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