How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

If you want an instant hairstyle change but your hair is too short and doesn’t permit major changes then hair extensions are a great choice for you. You can get the desired hair length in a few minutes time, without having to wait ages until your real hair grows that long.

However these hair extensions are not your natural hair, that doesn’t mean that you can neglect them. If you want to have a stunning look with your new hairstyle, read on and learn some great tips about how to keep your hair extensions in a better condition. How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

How to Wash?

Let’s start with one of the most important things: washing. Keeping your hair clean is of major importance. Hair tangles when it is dirty so don’t forget to wash your hair as frequently as it is needed. Make sure to use a mild shampoo in order to protect your locks and ask your hairstylist for advice on which product should you use for your extensions. First, brush your hair gently to untangle it before washing. Wet your hair gradually and don’t let it flow on your hair with total pressure because your tresses can easily get entangled.

How to Style?

The greatest enemy of hair extensions is heat. Therefore it is advisable to avoid curling irons and blow-drying as much as it is possible in order to ensure a longer life to your extensions. Wash your hair with gentle shampoo and lukewarm water then use a conditioner and let it air-dry. You can wear your hair in ponytails, braids or buns with confidence. When we are talking about styling hair, we have to make a difference between the extensions that are made of real hair and those that are made of synthetic hair. In the case of real hair extensions you can use the majority of your hairstyling tools in the same way as with your natural hair. However, you have to pay more attention to the synthetic hair extensions. Depending on which type of hair extension do you have, your hairstylist can provide you with advices on this specific question as well. As a general styling tip, we advise you to use paddle brushes with smooth bristles. When untangling your hair, make sure that you brush it gently, starting from the ends and going towards the top of your head.

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

What About Coloring or Perming?

When you have hair extensions it is better to stay away form chemical processes such as perming or coloring your hair. If you still want to color your hair, visit your hairstylist and never do it yourself.

How to Sleep With Extensions?

Always make sure that your hair is entirely dry before you go to bed. In order to avoid nasty tangles in your hair extensions, it is better to tie your hair up loose.

How to Proceed When Swimming?

If you are planning to go to the seaside or to attend a pool party, there is no need to worry. Feel free to show off your wonderful new locks because you can offer them a proper protection against the saltwater or chlorine by wearing a swim cap when taking a dip. Gently brush the tangles out of your hair and braid it the way you like in order to make sure that all your hair will stay neatly under the swimming cap. Always wash your hair after swimming, because chemicals or salt that possibly get under the cap, can damage your hair.

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