How To Treat Partial Hair Baldness

Often the thought of partial hair loss makes people stressed. This can occur due to various reasons. A person who does not keep a hygienic condition for the top may experience this. Internal causes can be lack of proper nutrition or abnormal hormones which are quite common even in teenagers. This can also be due to lack of proper hydration. For people who consume excessive of junk foods, they can also face these types of problems.

hair baldness

Home Remedies for Partial Balding Hair:

Here is a simple home remedies treatment to avoid hair baldness.

1. Yoga and Exercises:

Often some stretching exercises which make the flow of blood better to the head can be done which can be quite helpful. Medication can also help soothe the mind and lead to lowering of stress.

2. Egg, Neem, Yogurt and Lemon Juice:

The strands are made of proteins and also flakes can be cured if a pack of egg is made. The lemon juice which is freshly squeezed can be very good for shine and also for treating fungal problems.

3. Hot Oil Hair Massages:

There are various types of oils like olive, canola, coconut and almond which are known to be very helpful to treat these types of problems. These can also be good for people who has lack of circulation or who stays in stress. When these are adequately taken and then heated over hot water, these can then be used when these are of applicable temperature and not very hot. These can be massaged for about 20 minutes and then a turban can be used to close the heat. These can then be washed off with a mild cleanser.

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Medicinal Remedies for Hair Baldness:-

Often medicines are recommended which can be of a variety of types depending on the examination of the patient that is usually conducted. If a person wants to know about the condition they can go to speciality clinics which can give these types of services.


There are various types of surgical procedures which can be followed. These days there can also be some temporary procedures like weaving. These are where temporary false extensions. These are not permanent but can be a good solution for people who want to be budget constraint and also do not want to get any surgeries.

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If a person has the affordability to go for a transplant or extraction method then this can be an expensive option. This needs not only excessive amount of money but also this is quite painful. Another factor that should be considered is that the more amounts of grafts that are needed for a fuller coverage, the procedure is that expensive. The results are also not similar for all the patients. A patient should properly discuss if there are any other options that can be advised before this type of a process.

This is also quite painful. The results vary from one individual to another. In most cases, about 6 follicles or in extreme cases, more than that about 42 of these are taken from the back and then punctures are done on the frontal portions where these are inserted or planted. The popular methods are slit method or these are also done with this.


These are popular as well as another method is there for extreme cases where scalp restoration is done by sewing and pulling closer the areas that still have thickness to cover the area where the loss has occurred. These can leave scarring and are extremely costly. Therefore these should be well thought out before getting these done. Also these are mostly supposed to be permanent.

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