How To Use Hair Serum For Hair Growth?

Is hair serum a new word for you? You must have come across this word in several hair care advertisements but are not aware of its uses and benefits. Well read on to find all you need to know about serums for hair growth. In generic words, hair serum is a hair care liquid that is made up of silicon based contents, ceramides and amino acids.

Hair serum is like a magical solution that transforms rough and dull hair into shiny and free-flowing locks in just no time at all. Unlike hair care oils that penetrate the hair cuticles and temporarily change their structure, hair serums simply coat the surface of the hair. This thin protective layer causes light reflection and makes your hair look shiny.

Although superb for managing fizzy and dry hair, these serums also shield the hair from harsh sunlight, pollution and humidity. Both men and women can use these hair serums for hair growth.

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Benefits Of Serum for Hair Growth:

If you desire to grow your hair quickly while still maintaining the quality, hair growth serums are all you need. The active ingredients in the hair serum stimulate the hair roots and the scalp. This in turn triggers the dead or dormant hair follicles to initiate new hair growth. As the hair serum work their way by ‘rebooting’ the redundant hair follicles as well, it also helps in increasing the thickness of the hair. This makes hair growth serum an ultimate solution for those facing hair thinning, reduced hair growth, alopecia, premature balding and bald patches as well. But this does not end here. Besides initiating faster hair growth, hair serum bestows host of other benefits for hair as well.

  • Hair growth serums give a lustrous appearance to your hair. They magically transform dry and frizzy hair to make them shiny and manageable. It also prevents hair tangling and gives a healthy sheen.
  • By lining the hair with a protective coat, hair growth serums also prevent the hair from the damage caused by pollution, humidity, dust and styling tools.
  • Most of the hair growth serums are equipped with UV protection formula. This shields the hair from damage by harmful UV rays.
  • Lastly, hair serums are also excellent conditioning agents for the hair. They are a healthy replacement of hair oils that stick to the scalp and make your hair frizzy.

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How To Apply Serum For Hair Growth:

Sometimes even the best of hair serums cannot give you desired results, if they are not applied correctly. Therefore always keep this guide for applying hair serum handy. This applying process surely helps to get hair growth safely.

  • First and foremost, it is important that the brand for your serum is same as the brand of your shampoo and conditioner. This protects your hair from the adverse effects of mixing different hair ingredients together.
  •  Pour 2-6 drops on serum on your palms and rub together. Serum should never be applied using finger tips. Always use a soft paddle brush to spread the serum on your hair.
  • Hair serum should always be applied along the length of your hair. Unlike other hair care products that are used from the scalp, serums should never be applied on the scalp and hair roots. After applying with your palms along the length, brush your hair to spread the serum evenly.
  •  Now you just need to blow dry your hair completely and you are finished with the job. This hair growth serum application besides stimulating hair growth will give you soft and silky manageable hair that will make heads turn in your direction.

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Before using hair growth serum is essential to consult a good hair expert. When using hair growth serums always use a good brand. The market is flooded with hair growth serums, choose one that suits your hair and gives desired results.

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