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How to Wear False Eyelashes

How to Wear False Eyelashes

Doll eyes have always looked great and false eyelashes are the only way you can get your eyes to look glamorous and well defined. Experimenting with eyelashes can be so much fun, because you can add more depth to your eyes, more definition, by simply playing around with your falsies.

False eyelashes are actually vintage, they were invented in 1916, in order to enhance a leading actresses look. Since false eyelashes lasted time, and are still popular it means that they are indeed great. Makeup is a girls best friend indeed, but make-up cannot in any way create the effect false eyelashes can over the eyes.

False eyelashes can be manufactured out of synthetic material or natural hair. The ones that give truly remarkable results are the eyelashes made out of natural hair because they blend better with the natural eyelashes, creating a natural yet extraordinary effect.

There are two types of false eyelashes, which give totally different effects: individual eyelashes and eyelashes strips. Individual eyelashes help create a more natural look and they need to be glued individually, while strips help create a more dramatic look, a look which will attract more attention.

How to Wear False Eyelashes How to Wear False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can be worn at any time, from casual to formal occasions. All you need to do is make sure they are applied correctly and you are going to look stunning. False eyelashes can be used simple or combined with makeup, depending on what each person prefers, either way the results will be visible.

How to Wear False Eyelashes

To apply the false eyelashes one needs to make sure they have the following in handy:

the false eyelashes

a pair of good scissors (small)

special false eyelash glue

a pair of tweezers

magnifying mirror

oil free makeup remover

Before you start the application it is best to make sure you remove all traces of makeup and oils from your eyelid. Put a bit of oil free makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe the makeup off.

After you have removed the makeup wash the face with a mild face wash to remove any traces of makeup remover. Once your eyelid is clean you can take the eyelash, put it in place, as close to your lash line as possible to check the size. If they are too long you might need to trim them and cut a section off.

Once your size has been established, apply small dots of special glue over your lid with the help of a toothpick if no other utensil is provided. Apply some glue over the strip or at the base of the individual eyelashes and glue them quickly in place. Make sure you apply them as close to the lash line as possible for a more natural effect.

Hold the lashes into place for a few minutes, until the glue hardens. It is true that a little bit of skill and a steady hand is require but practice can solve everything and make the whole application process easy. If you want the false eyelashes to stick to the natural ones you can apply mascara.

Well defined eyes have a certain attraction, this is probably why women love makeup.

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