‘Immortal’ Twilight Fragrance Launched

‘Immortal’ Twilight Fragrance Launched

With ‘ Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1‘ set to hit the theaters November 18, the anticipated excitement consumer rush is reaching a new high. In honor of the franchise and the new release, the company has launched a signature fragrance that highlights a light motif of the movie, immortality.

Launched by Twilight Beauty, which is also offering makeup products designed to help the fans indulge and feel fabulous, the new fragrance aims to evoke the feeling of ‘breathless romance’. According to brand manager Jaega Haralambus:

“Immortal is defined as everlasting–never to be forgotten. From the eternal life of a vampire to the eternal love between soulmates, Immortal Twilight is the personification of undying romance. Like its namesake, this scent will live on in the memory of everyone who wears or smells it. The delicate balance between its three notes yields a truly alluring, wearable scent.”

The perfume has a blend of oriental and floral touches to it, bringing together alluring patchouli, cool amber and musk that are perfectly complemented by delicate white freesia and peony. The fabulous bouquet of scent is well defined by fresh citrus and wild chamomile notes.

The latest perfume developed by the brand is sold either by itself or as a gift set. The Duo set contains a 30 mL Eau De Toilette and 150 mL pearlescent shower crème in a collectable, limited-edition gift box. Until the premiere of the ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’, on November 18, Twilight Beauty offers the set for the special price of $19.99. The regular price of the set is $21.99, while individually the scent retails for $35.

‘Immortal’ Twilight Fragrance Launched ‘Immortal’ Twilight Fragrance Launched

Photo courtesy of Twilight Beauty

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