Jenny McCarthy Hairstyles

Jenny McCarthy Hairstyles

Jenny Mccarthy’s Concave Bob Hairstyle

Jenny McCarthy was a Playboy pinup girl, then went on to be a model and actress on television. Her impressive platinum straight hair is styled in a Dutch girl bob, into the classic concaved bob, which is a great style for straight hair as it helps to show off the sharp edges and the shape of the style.

The shortest area is along the neckline that is cut underneath the top layers. The sides are bobbed and flowing with the magic from the back.

Jenny McCarthy HairstylesJenny McCarthy Hairstyles

The top is parted smartly on one side and flowing down to blend in with the sides. The whole cut, hangs just below her jaw line. The side part is great for Jenny as it helps to shorten the look of her longer face shape. This style is for those who have naturally straight hair and would like to take a step up into sophistication an and giving the illusion of having lost a few pounds too. If you want this look, it will be easy to maintain with regular trims.

More of Jenny’s HairstylesMedium Long Hairstyle with Layers

Jagged cut layers have been added throughout the style to create height and definition. This style will work best on medium to thick hair types.

Jenny McCarthy HairstylesJenny McCarthy HairstylesJenny McCarthy HairstylesJenny McCarthy Hairstyles

Long Layered Hairstyle

This is a soft and sexy style for Ms. McCarthy. Short cropped layers have been cut throughout Jenny’s style to form a full and thick look. This is an easy hairstyle to maintain with regular trims.

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