Kim Kardashian Shares Makeup Tips on ‘The Look’

Kim Kardashian Shares Makeup Tips on ‘The Look’

She’s managed to conquer the world with her beauty, attention to style and love for all thing deluxe, but it seems that reality TV star Kim Kardashian doesn’t have an army of people on standby waiting to polish her look to perfection since she first opens her eyes as the diva put her makeup skills to the test on ‘The Look’, having Harper’s Bazaar editor as a model.

The diva that is rarely seen without makeup, used her colors to give the much fairer skin tone Laura Brown a makeover, but the results achieved weren’t all that flattering for the editor as the hues were much too dark for her skin tone, however, the techniques used can help beauty enthusiasts achieve flawlessly sculpted features and a much slimmer face.

While sitting down for a chat with Laura on ‘The Look’ regarding her fashion choices and her oh-so-fab airport style created using a Valentino leather jacket, Celine top and jewelry and a pair of Louboutin heels, Kim confessed to love mixing high-end designer items with lower priced brands as she says it’s all about mixing and matching. Her style and beauty have inspired women around the world and it seems that Kim’s not holding back any of her tricks as she shared her face slimming makeup tricks with the magazine’s editor putting together even a little demo which didn’t turn out as it was supposed to due to the difference between the complexion and Kim’s shade, but the advice is definitely working as Kim looks picture perfect every time she steps out.

Applying bronzer can have amazing ‘remodelling’ properties according to Kim as she says it’s this why tabloids claim she’s had something done, her nose, lips, etc, and she demonstrates how and where to apply bronzer to get a slimmer nose and face. The secret seems to be application of the bronzer in the shape of a ‘3’, starting from the hairline and going down to underline the cheekbones and down again on the jawline. For the nose, strategically applied lines which are then blended with the skin can help minimize the nose, and considering she’s been in the spotlight rocking photoshoots and more looking impeccable every time, Kim knows a thing or two about makeup.

Apart from her makeup tips, Kim revealed the pose that she turns to to look good in pictures, thus avoiding an unflattering snap which emphasizes the chin or creates a double-chin effect, and says that sticking the head out and tilting the head down to look fabulous. Check out Kim’s video and tell us if you’re impressed by her makeup tricks and skills.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images