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Learn the Secrets of Manscaping

Learn the Secrets of Manscaping

What Is Manscaping?

Manscaping, also known as body grooming, refers to hair removal, by means of shaving, waxing, trimming, in the upper body area as well as below the belt.

Why Manscaping?

Why any man in his right mind would ever choose to manscape, if he’s not an athlete, a model, a metrosexual, or gay? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then you should know that manscaping has several hard to ignore advantages.

First of all, if you hit the gym more often than not, manscaping will help you put emphasis on your upper body muscles. Second of all, you’ll get a neater look that will most likely increase your sex appeal as it suggests that you take good care of yourself (and, therefore, are very much capable of taking care of a woman!).

Learn the Secrets of Manscaping

Last but not least, trimming or even shaving the nether areas of your body will make certain, very important parts look… bigger!

Manscaping Tips

If you’re a newbie when it comes to body grooming, you should definitely learn how to manscape properly, as well as some useful manscaping tips that will ensure you get the desired results.

Firstly, you should make sure you have the proper tools for manscaping. If the complete waxing of your body hair is a no-no, then you should at least invest into a good electric trimmer. Use it to trim the hair on your chest, underarms, and genitals. Go for top quality products such as Norelco Philips Stubble & Beard Trimmer Pro, and cruZer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer by Braun.Buy it: Norelco Philips Stubble & Beard Trimmer ProBraun cruZer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer

Learn the Secrets of Manscaping

Secondly, you might want to know – before a woman points it out to you – that an excessively hairy chest and shoulders covered in tresses are definitely not sexy! And because hair trimming in these areas simply won’t do, you’ll have to make peace with the thought that… you can’t avoid complete shaving for ever.

But before seeing yourself screaming in terror on a professional cosmetic waxer’s table, you should know that there are other less painful methods available. You may use depilatory creams, but you should keep in mind the fact that the results (a perfectly smooth skin) won’t last very long. Also, if you’re brave enough, don’t shy away from sugaring and, obviously, from the standard hair shaving.

When it comes to pubic hair, trimming it will do. If you’re not very comfortable with the thought of having to mow down the bush, just remember that it’s more hygienic and may actually have a positive impact upon your sex life. Just don’t overdo it!

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