Leona Lewis Glam Hair Styles

Leona Lewis Glam Hair Styles

Leona Lewis Glam Hair Styles

Some celebrities might feel the most comfortable in the spotlight. Though Leona Lewis is considered one of the most humble and restrained artists of our times she seems to attract the flashing cameras each time she steps onto the red carpet.

Her natural beauty as well as impressive and overwhelming aura would inspire endless number of fans to copycat or at least try to adopt her looks. Music awards as well as movie premieres witnessed these immortalized hair styles and managed to offer us the chance to enlarge our parade of chic formal looks. Some of the fairy tale Leona Lewis glam hair styles are presented here for our greatest delight.

Leona Lewis Glam Hair StylesGetty ImagesLeona Lewis Glam Hair StylesGetty Images

Super-Sleek Hair Styles

In spite of the fact that the world got to know this young and talented artist with those tiny and angelic corkscrews she still deviated from her youthful look and adopted a more feminine and up-to-the-minute style in the shape of the super-sleek hair styles. Due to the fine texture of the strands as well as the grand length of the hair this simple and easy-to-handle do would make the proper fashion statement at all events.

Be it an award show or a less formal ceremony you’ll look stunning and sparkling with these locks. Use a flat iron even if you have sleek strands in order to enhance the hair with the natural and dazzling shine and healthy gloss. Choose the best hair part that would flatter you face shape and wear your strands flowing on your shoulders.

Leona Lewis Glam Hair StylesGetty ImagesLeona Lewis Glam Hair StylesGetty ImagesLeona Lewis Glam Hair Styles Leona Lewis Glam Hair Styles

Glam Updos

Leona is also a great and devoted fan of glam updos. The best proof for her admiration are the stylish braided, messy and ponytail hair styles flashed at prominent events. Exposing a larger section of her face she succeeded in adding a Romantic and sensual twist to her look. Both the super-polished braids as well as the more alternative and complex designs as the fishtail style serve as the best options for her voguish appearances in front of the camera. Go for the classy French braid or the well-defined fishtail or milkmaid braids to achieve similar success to that of Leona.

High and voluminous updos look just as fabulous when paired with the stage outfits of Leona. The pink lips paired with the piercing glimpse as well as the spotless shine and silky smooth condition of her locks makes the updo even more prominent and eye-pleasing. Loose ponytails are also among the favorite styles of the artist, this relaxed and low-maintenance hair style accentuates her features as well as the glamorous multi-tonal hair color.

Leona Lewis Glam Hair StylesPR PhotosLeona Lewis Glam Hair StylesPR Photos

Glossy Loose Waves

Loose waves either swept to the side or sported with an uber-flattering hair part are also some of the impressive hair style options of Leona Lewis when appearing in public. The laid back ringlets created with a high quality curling iron or hot rollers provides us with the chance to sport various donwdos that suit our face shape. The texturized cascading waves in their oversized beauty enhance the look with a feminine and dainty charm. Polished waves are some of the top notch hair styles to try your hand at when preparing for a special event. Draw some inspiration from the lushy looks of Leona Lewis and keep an eye on her future hair style miracles.

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