Lily Allen Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Lily Allen Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Lily Allen Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Lilly Allen, the English pop-rock singer and songwriter became internationally known due to her music and laid back style. Even though she appears to be very feminine, wearing cute headbands and baby doll dresses, she also has a “naughty girl” attitude.

Her hairstyle was usually long and straight but she decided to make a change with her hairstyle and go shorter. She opted for a chin length bob hairstyle, a hairstyle that flatters her face shape and enhances her beautiful facial features.

There are a variety of bob hairstyles available to match every face shape. They are very trendy hairstyles and many celebrities decided to try this type of cut. You can get an inverted bob hairstyles, angled bob hairstyles, shorter or longer bob hairstyles, you name it. It all depends on what type of face shape you have and what type of bob hairstyle offers you an advantage.

Lily Allen Choppy Bob HairstyleGetty ImagesLily Allen Choppy Bob HairstyleGetty Images

Bob hairstyles are vintage hairstyles, nowadays with a lot of modern touches added in order to match the current trends.

They offer volume to fine hair due to layers which can be incorporated into the hairstyle or they can be styled on thick dense hair without any layering. Either way, bob hairstyles look great plus they are low maintenance hairstyles appropriate for confident and feminine women with a busy schedule.

The bob hairstyle she decided for beautifully frames her face and works really well with her natural straight hair.

Lily Allen’s bob hairstyle has been cut in choppy layers in order to give the hair texture and volume. The hair has been slightly side parted to match her face shape and balance the entire look.

The side swept bangs cut to match her bob hairstyle create a slimming effect and hide her forehead. They help create a well balanced look, a look that matches her style perfectly.

The bob hairstyle Lily Allen opted for matches perfectly with her personality and enhances her beautiful style and facial features.