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Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles

With the hectic schedules that all of us tend to have at least from time to time if not on a daily basis, it seems that we have less and less time to focus on enhancing our beauty with complex and elaborate hairstyles. Nowadays the notion that a low maintenance hairstyle is the perfect synonym for a dull, boring hairstyle has become a myth that is dead and buried for a long time now.

There are a wide variety of hairstyles that can be considered low maintenance, however most women still tend to associate low maintenance, wash and go hairstyles with short hair length. However, the new hair cutting styles and the latest fashion trends have quickly demonstrated that this idea is no longer an adequate guideline.

Truth to be told, your personality will have a major influence when it comes to deciding on a certain hairstyle. A short hairstyle will almost never be low maintenance for a person who likes edgy hairstyles and that likes to play with sharp angles and to juggle with different hair textures all at once. On the other hand, even if you are OK with the way low maintenance hairstyles look, you should also consider choosing a hairstyle that allows a good number of styling techniques to have enough versatility to adapt it to different occasions as otherwise your short hairstyle might indeed become boring after a while.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles

Pixie haircuts tend to be good options for a variety of personalities who are focused towards finding the perfect balance between functionality and style. Pixie cuts can be sexy and feminine or bold and strong depending on the impression that one wants to create.

These hairstyles also work great for office setting environments making any woman look confident and serious, an attribute that increases their chances of being perceived as competent and highly skilled. The only restriction when it comes to these hairstyles refers to oblong faces which will not be flattered in any way by pixie cuts. When it comes to styling, pixie haircuts are fairly easy to maintain. You can instantly highlight a pixie haircut simply by adding a small amount of styling wax on the ends of the hair.

Another option that might provide more styling variations while preserving a sleek, modern yet feminine look is short bob hairstyles. Perhaps the highest degree of flexibility can be provided by a short layered bob hairstyle which looks structured, works great for women who need a volume boost while also giving plenty of options when it comes to creating completely different hairstyles when needed.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles

Adding bangs can quickly compensate the lack of face framing effects in the case of a sleek bob hairstyle, while hiding a big forehead if needed, or simply emphasizing the beauty of your eyes a little more. As far as the styling options are concerned, the style you’ve chosen will be the one that will dictate your possibilities. You might choose to create a soft texture using a large flat iron or you can go for a more interesting wavy look, depending on the variations you can afford to make to look stylish.

Very short hairstyles are the ultimate expression of functionality, however you should be aware that limited or even no styling options will be a price that you have to be willing to pay to enjoy this benefit. You should be very determined if you want to embrace this hairstyle because the time required to grow your tresses back to a more flexible length will not be easy to bear otherwise. Make sure that you are comfortable with bold hairstyles and that your face shape allows you to go this short to avoid frustration on the long run.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles

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