Lush Mother’s Day Collection

Lush Mother’s Day Collection

Lush continues the series of cute launches with a fab new collection for Mother’s Day. Not long ago, we’ve come to see the uber cute Lush Easter inspired products from the brand, however now the choices have a more glamorous allure which can make one’s pampering sessions even more enjoyable. Though the label has designed to meet a mom’s pampering needs and desires, it definitely isn’t surprising to feel tempted to grab one or a handful of them for yourself while you are at it.

Lush got crafty and brought plenty of fab alternatives which are extremely effective in addition to being incredibly pretty. With plenty of options to choose from, the new options can be a lovely practical gift for the occasion. Choose from these fab Lush Mother’s Day alternatives:

Lush Mother’s Day Collection

Lush Mum Tulip $8.95

Sure, real tulips are always a great gift, however if you’re looking for something more durable, this cute Lush tulip can the perfect alternative. With orange and chocolate scents, bath time will be a whole lot more enjoyable.

Lush The Mum $9.95

Do refreshing lime, bergamot and juniper berry oils sound like the perfect scent for a relaxing bath? Well, simply swishing the Mom bar around the tub will help take the experience to a whole new level.

Lush Madame Butterfly $8.95

This bar is every bit as delicate and glamorous as it looks. With fab rose petal and lemon oil fragrance, this can be the perfect choice for occasion. Madame Butterfly is made exclusively for Mother’s Day.

Lush Mother’s Day Collection

Lush The Dish Fairy $7.95

Every mom deserves a little pampering, even with typically unpleasant gifts such as dish washing. Lush aims to make the process a whole lot easier with plenty this fab dish soap which contains lemon and gardenia oils which help moisturize the hands and leave the dishes sparkling clean.

Lush Mumkin Bubble Bar $6.95

Selecting the ideal Mother’s Day gift can be tricky, however the Mumkin Bubble Bar can come pretty close. With raspberries, with bergamot, lemon and violet leaf oils, this can be an adorable choice which can instantly brighten one’s day.

Lush Secret Garden Bath Bomb $5.25

Let the worries soak away with this spectacular limited edition flower bomb. The sweet wild orange and rosewood oil fragrance and petals are the perfect scent to bring spring into your home.

Lush Mother’s Day Collection

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