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Makeup Base Tips and Tricks

Makeup Base Tips and Tricks

A make-up base is exactly what the word symbolizes and that is the base for a perfect face. The main purpose of the makeup base is to add luminosity and glow so that your skin to be the reflection of a healthy body. Besides, its biggest advantage is that it can successfully camouflage unwanted skin imperfections and bring out the beauty of your skin in a natural way.

Before purchasing, you should try and see which color flatters you the most as a makeup base must be invisible. Well, almost! Still, what we want to get is a glowing skin, without imperfections, looking as natural as possible.

The skin acts as an amazing shield having to face the aggressive attacks of noxious external factors every day. Based on your skin type, makeup base comes in three different forms: liquid, creamy and powdered. However, these three main textures have been the starting point for the creation of other combinations, such as mousse, mineral or humectant bases. Moreover, a makeup base can contain special ingredients suitable for various skin conditions. Therefore, we have a makeup base for every skin, whether it is sensitive, dry or oily. Don’t forget to apply the makeup base after cleansing and moisturizing. Makeup Base Tips and Tricks

Choosing the right makeup base highly depends on your skin complexion. Based on your choice, the final result will be natural or a total disaster. You need to go for the color that best matches your skin. Foundation can be tested on one area of your face, on your lower cheek, and near the neck. Apply some foundation on the jaw and wait until it dries. In order to avoid the mask effect, the dried foundation and the color of the skin on your neck should be the same. Usually, most women are flattered by a makeup base in yellowish tones, as this neutralizes reddish an pinkish spots.

Applying a makeup base can be rather challenging and a double-edged issue as we want to look flawlessly, yet avoid the mask effect. When it comes to properly applying the makeup base the “less is more” rule totally works. When using a powdered texture remember to softly apply it on the entire face with a sponge. Your objective is to “settle” the makeup base by gentle strokes and not dragging it all over the face.

A liquid makeup base is very easy to apply. Moreover, the natural-looking aspect it gives makes it one of the best choices. It offers a medium coverage, but it is good for dry skin due to the fact that it is rich in humectants. Stay away from liquid textures that are oil-based, especially if you have acne prone or oily skin. On the other hand, a powdered makeup base works great for oily skin or for women who are always in a hurry. This is an interesting choice and it comes very at hand when you just need to fix your makeup.

Makeup Base Tips and Tricks

A makeup base with a creamy texture covers perfectly the imperfections of your skin. This type of makeup base is extremely practical and versatile as it can also be used as a concealer. As it contains humectants, a creamy base works amazing for women with dry skin. Besides, it is quick and easy to apply. A foundation with a creamy texture should be applied using a sponge just like the powdered one. As for the liquid foundation, this can be applied with your fingers, sponge or a special brush.

The famous undereye concealer is another useful product. This can be applied before, after or without using foundation only on the darker areas of the face, such as around your eyes, the top corners of your nose and between your mouth and nose. Choose a concealer that matches the foundation or with maximum one tone lighter. A colored concealer is used when wanting to hide unwanted imperfections on the skin. For example, choose a green concealer for reddish areas, orange for bluish, pink for areas with an olive tint, yellow for brownish, and violet for areas with gray hues.

The highlighter is the white product that must be applied before the foundation, on the center of the face. The powder should have the same color as that of the foundation or just a little bit lighter. Apply it on the face and neck for an homogeneous result. A powder with a dusty texture is applied using a special brush, while the compact one with a special sponge.

Makeup Base Tips and Tricks

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