Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

Whether you want a clean vanity space with no makeup in sight or you’re looking to create an artistic display, the makeup organization and storage ideas below will help you tidy up your cosmetic beauties. Many in-store bought makeup organizers are affordable and undeniably useful, so don’t cast off the idea of making a simple purchase or two. However, if you’re feeling crafty, there are a couple of DIY ideas for you to consider as well. Happy makeup organizing!

Makeup Drawer Organizer Ideas: The Great Divider

Drawer dividers have a way of instantly making your makeup drawers look organized. Take these makeup drawer organizer ideas a step further by grouping like items together: lipsticks with lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, etc.

If you want over-the-top organization, group your favorite makeup together by product, then by brand, and then by color. Friends will be amazed at how well you keep it all together. Even if you confine your makeup to a closed drawer, don’t forget that you can still display a few small items on the vanity for a decorative effect.

Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas: Hung up Excess

Suppose you want your makeup to have a special spot on the wall: why not create an artistic display, much like a collector arranges miniatures on a wall-mounted segmented shelf? Or if you don’t have a beauty board yet, get on it! Drape a metal sheet in fabric, frame it, and hang it on your wall. Magnets glued to the bag of your products can stick them to the board.

Sounds like too much work? We don’t think so: this shows creativity – the frame can make a stylish statement, bringing your makeup collection up to the level of art. Plus, you can paint and decorate the board or wall-mounted self any way you like!

Makeup Organizer Ideas: Box of Colors

This genius makeup organizer idea is simple and chic. Wrap an empty shoe box in pretty colorful patterned paper, and fill it with your favorite polishes, blushes and eye shadows. Make sure to mark the top of each bottle cap with the color inside, so you can easily find the shades you’re looking for.

Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

Vintage Makeup Organizing Ideas

Vintage suitcases are being used for more and more things right now: pet beds, tables, and drawers. Now we’re giving you one more reason to pull out your grandmother’s old luggage from its dusty place. Open it up when it’s time to put your face on, then close it and slide it under your bed when you’re finished.

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