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Makeup Tips for an All Nighter: Looking Good on No Sleep

Makeup Tips for an All Nighter: Looking Good on No Sleep

Whether you stayed up to study, couldn’t sleep because of a loud party or wanted to talk to your new love all night, you’ll need emergency makeup for looking good on no sleep. Check out the best makeup tips for an all nighter that can help you hide the fact that you missed a lot of sleep.

Fight Puffy Eyes

A good eye cream can help you in these situations, but you might need to pull out the big guns after an all nighter experience. Try a topical creme with caffeine that can give your skin an almost instant boost.

If you’re out of eye cream, tea bags soaked in cold water can help fight puffy eyes in a natural way. Don’t forget to deal with your red eyes using good drops, like TheraTears or Visine.

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Makeup Tips for an All Nighter: Looking Good on No Sleep

Use the Right Products to Refresh Your Skin

Gentle exfoliation is another great idea that can help you look good on no sleep. Keep a good product handy since it’s pretty high on the list of makeup tips for an all nighter.

The best way to go is with a cleanser that includes ingredients like natural acids for quick and gentle exfoliation, along with an anti-aging effect. Use it not because you need to look younger, but because you need to look fresh.

Get Help from a Tinted Primer

Your skin can dry fast especially when alcohol was involved in your all nighter, so make sure you moisturize it carefully, then start your makeup with a tinted primer.

Not only does it help set your makeup better and aids you in avoiding the cake makeup look, but it can also hide any temporary discoloration you might experience because you skipped your sleep.

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Makeup Tips for an All Nighter: Looking Good on No Sleep

Avoid Obvious Tricks

Trying to look wide awake when you’re clearly tired can get even more obvious if you try certain makeup tricks. White eyeliner and eyeshadow that’s way too bright don’t make you look fresh, they can draw attention to your droopy eyelids and don’t brighten up your look in an effective way.

It’s always better to keep it natural after a night of little to no sleep with a good concealer. Use it under your eyes carefully and avoid the temptation of going for a look that’s a bit too shimmery.

Focus on Your Eyes and Lips

Even with the natural look, you’ll need to enhance your eyes and lips to make it seem less obvious you’re still recuperating after an all nighter. Use a dark brown or navy blue mascara and get a fresh color on your lips. Don’t pick any shade that’s too vivid: pink or peachy with a glossy finish is the best way to look fresh and one of the best makeup tips for an all nighter.

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