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Makeup Tips for Perfect Looking Skin

Makeup Tips for Perfect Looking Skin

Don’t put looking fabulous on a second position, as looking great can actually help you feel great in your own skin, and since bad days affect us all, here are some great beauty tips and tricks to tackle exactly these problems. Perfect looking skin will ensure you look radiant at all times, so pay attention to details which can make a difference.

Concealer for red and yellow spots Using concealer can definitely help as they are especially designed to cover-up spots on your skin, spots which cannot be covered in full by foundation. However, if you want to obtain a flawless looking skin, you need to use the right shade of concealer. For yellow spots, especially the ones under your eyes, use a purple tone concealer, as this hue will neutralize the yellow. For blemishes use a green colored concealer as it will diminish the redness and allow the foundation to offer complete, even coverage.

Makeup Tips for Perfect Looking Skin

Take time to blend Blending your foundation is very important if you’re aiming for a natural look. Take extra time to blend in the foundation on your jawline and cleavage as transition lines shouldn’t be visible. Natural is the way to go, so blend well and make sure your makeup is like your second skin.

Foundation and facial hair Upper lip hair can become much more visible when applying a thick foundation, so try to avoid applying too much product in that area. Use a light foundation instead and always apply the foundation in the direction of the hair growth. Powder can also make the hairs much more visible, so try go light in these areas.

Foundation and flaky skin Nothing can look more unaesthetic than foundation applied on dry, flaky skin. The product will get into the skin and emphasize the skin flakes. Flaky skin usually develops due to dryness, so try to remove dead skin cells by scrubbing at least once a week and moisturizing on a daily basis. Apply a moisturizer to your clean complexion before applying foundation.

Mix different shades if you tan If you love to tan, you’re probably going to need at least two foundation shades, as which each tan your foundation might not blend as naturally with your skin. To make sure you look amazing without spending money on multiple foundation shades, purchase a lighter and a darker foundation which you’ll be able to mix to obtain a custom color to match your needs at that moment.

Perk up tired eyes If you look tired, you definitely have to revitalize your look and you can easily do this with the help of some cucumber slices, tinted moisturizer and highlighter. Rest for 10 minutes with cucumber slices on your eyes. Rinse your skin, moisturize and apply a highlighter on your brow bone, cheeks and inner eye corners for a radiant, luminous and refreshed look.

Makeup Tips for Perfect Looking Skin

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