Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face

Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face

Several people find it easier to contact a plastic surgeon in order to have a slender and spotless face, instead of learning more about the available methods that can have the same effect as a drastic operation. Indeed, makeup artists offer the best solutions to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette by revealing the most precious tricks on how to play with the proportions of the face.

Besides taking into consideration the different face shapes, there are other factors that can determine the use of certain products and tools. Those who thought that there is no remedy for shaping a nose, masking double-chin and even scars were wrong. The latest inventions brought new tendencies and makeup can help us in realizing our greatest wishes. This time, to slim face with makeup. Follow the guidelines below to regain your confidence and look stunning in any circumstances.

Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face

Play up the eyes

First and foremost it is paramount to shift the attention from the disproportions of the face, which is best done by accentuating our best assets, in this case the eyes. There’s nothing more inspiring than enlightening or adding a cryptic flair to our look. Choosing the best eye shadow and eyeliner combination is determined by both eye color and shape. These two principles should guide us through the process of selection.

Those who swear by the miraculous effect of makeup will advise you to concentrate on the outer corners of the eyes. Applying the best shadow that complements your eye color will draw the attention form the cheeks which tend to hold most of the extra-inches. Another useful tip is to always wear mascara. The polished eyelashes will immediately grab the attention if defined with the proper shade and brush.

Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face

Juggle with the cheeks

As one of the most critical spots for those who struggle with a round face and chubby cheeks, they also deserve attention. The key to look slimmer is indeed to juggle with proportions and shadows. There’s no need to use radical methods, instead discover the magic of the blush. Indeed, to succeed you’ll have to use more shades during the same process. Purchase more blush tones and follow the instructions.

First of all decide upon the tones, if you belong to the warm and rosy skin tone category choose blush from this group. Peachy skin toned people should opt for the selection from the other category. Grab the three tones, then apply the darkest one right below the cheekbone. Don’t go further than the corner of the eyes, instead proceed until achieving the hairline. Use your fingers to blend the blush into your natural skin color.

Makeup Tips to Slim Your Face

Then cover this fine streak with the medium tone of blush, it might seem funny but the two tones should completely blend into one single shade. Proceed along the earlier section and make sure the area is properly covered. This is the trick that will add definition to the cheeks.

Finally emphasize the cheekbones with the lightest blush shade of all. Apply this right over the two mingled tones. Besides the dimension, it will also create the illusion of a slimmer face. The mixing of these blush tones will guarantee the success of the whole makeup.

Kissable Lips

We shouldn’t forget about the lips that are just as important as the eyes. In order to shift the attention from the cheeks it is essential to dress up the lips with a sensual and flattering hue. Plumped lips work miraculously with the face slimming makeup. This can be best achieved if you apply a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone and finally add a drop of lip gloss. The shiny look will upgrade your whole appearance.