Makeup Trend – Copper Eye Makeup

Makeup Trend – Copper Eye Makeup

Everyone longs for that charming sparkle in the eyes. Fortunately by following some makeup ideas, we’ll be actually able to fake it. Indeed, choosing an eyeshadow and with it a unique eye makeup that manages to play up your eyes is the ultimate tool to perk up your look.

There’s nothing more glamorous than pairing copper with the natural color of your eyes. This shade has the power to both boost the size of the eyes and at the same time add a fairy tale flair to your face.

The streets and also the red carpet was ‘infected’ by this new virus that turns glimpses supernatural and radiating. Copper-colored eyelids lighten the eyes and offer a ceremonial aspect to your whole makeup. Indeed, it is not so easy to pull off a metallic look with great style. However, if you manage to carefully follow these principles on how to sport the copper eyes makeup trend, you’ll earn the title of the ‘Starry Eyes Girl’.

Makeup Trend – Copper Eye Makeup Makeup Trend – Copper Eye Makeup

Copper, similarly to bronze, silver and gold, is a spectacular shade when used in our eye makeup. However, it seems that these score the praises both paired with a formal and less elegant style. Whether you long for a daytime or a nighttime copper eye makeup the secret is the proper application to the perfect spot.

First of all prepare the uniform and matte base for the makeup. Use foundation that matches your skin tone, be careful make it light in order to let the copper eye shadow speak for itself. Cover your face with a translucent powder, this will help you in further masking the beauty flaws and creating a spotless base for the glamorous makeup.

Makeup Trend – Copper Eye Makeup Makeup Trend – Copper Eye Makeup

The best way to neutralize the shade of the eyes is to apply a plain beige colored eyeshadow from the lash line up until reaching the crease. Then grab the copper shadow and apply it to the crease. This is the perfect spot to both emphasize your eyes and at the same time dress down the edgy effect of a metallic makeup.

Also place a tiny amount of it right under the brow bone to further brighten your eyes and make them look alluring and expressive. More, this trick will also offer a frame to your face and whole makeup.

Skip the black eyeliner to avoid the eye-popping effect. Instead go for a brown one if you must. Don’t forget about mascara, polish your lashes and make them appear longer and denser with the latest lash enhancers on the market.

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