Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone

Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone

There are several factors that should influence your hair color option. Some of these are the natural skin tone, face shape and also eye color. These might seem minor details, however there’s a great chance for you to go for the wrong color if you neglect them. In order to steal the show with your look first of all analyze your skin. It is vital to know which category you belong to: fair, olive or dark complexion.

This would be the ideal first move towards the selection of the perfect highlighting tone. These skin colors all have unique traits that distinguish them from the others. If you are aware of these, the choice will be much easier. Learn more about how to match hair highlights to your skin tone.

Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone

Fair Complexion

Those who have a fair complexion are often included in the cold skin tone category. Indeed, the pale porcelain skin might generate some difficulties when choosing hair highlights. Fairness is just one issue, instead look at the undertones, some can have warmer, some colder ones.

There’s a useful trick to decide which group you belong to. Take a peek at the veins inside your arms, if these are green then you have warm undertones, if these are blue then cool ones.

Highlights, besides adding a groovy flair to your look, can also furnish the tresses with volume. In order to have the full and bouffant effect opt for palish colors.

These will perfectly match the fair scalp color. Look at the natural hair color and go only 2-3 shades lighter or darker. If you have brown or light blonde hair, then go for pale blonde, light brown or golden brown. Create a stylish combo by matching these shades with strawberry blonde, auburns and red highlights.

Blonde hair and fair complexion goes miraculously with edgy styles too. Those who are challenging the limits of hair coloring should think about pairing blonde hair with red and pinkish shades. Brown hair also looks fabulous with reddish tones.

Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone

Olive Complexion

It is a real must to match hair highlights to your skin tone when it comes to emphasizing an olive complexion. Particularly a warm tone, it is useful to look on the warm color palette. Golden and brownish shades are the best options for them. Experiment with golden blonde, light and honey shades and if you want to sport a brownish color, then choose light, medium, and golden brown shades.

Olive skin undoubtedly has yellowish undertones, so in order to create a natural look it is advisable to match them with golden colored streaks. These will not only add volume to your tresses, but will also neutralize and reduce the yellow tones in your complexion.

Those who long for an eye-popping look should not stick to the 2-3 shades lighter or darker tones, instead they should go for red highlights that are extremely popular. However, if you are still not pleased, you can go for the other colors of the rainbow as violet and blue, the only condition is to choose from the warm group.

Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone Match Hair Highlights to Skin Tone

Dark Complexion

It is useful to keep in mind a few guidelines when it comes to matching dark complexion with hair highlights. First and foremost decide whether you are a warm or cool skin toned person. Olive and dark brown belong to the warm group, bluish shades on the other hand to the cool skin color category. These will decide which highlighting colors will complement your features.

The criss-cross principle will work perfectly, match a warmer skin tone with colder shades, while a cold one with warmer shades. This is the basic condition to create a natural appearance. Those who long for a natural look should stay with colors that are 2-3 shades lighter or darker than their natural or base hair color. Those who go for the edgy style should look on a wider range of colors.

Basic hair colors that look gorgeously with dark skin are golden brown, chocolate brown, black and caramel. These will amazingly match golden shades, cinnamon and auburn highlights when it comes to a natural effect. Those who look for a complete and radical makeover should pair the base shade with red and honey blond as well as mahogany and copper or even dark plum highlights.

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