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Medium Curly Hairstyles

Medium Curly Hairstyles

Naturally curly tresses can be very alluring but at the same time can prove hard to maintain. That’s why most women prefer shorter hair lengths to be able to take better care of their lock and minimize dissatisfaction. Medium hair length tends to be one of the best choices for those who have naturally curly hair for various reasons. First of all, this length allows a great variety of styling options being suitable for almost every face shape, as long as the right variations in the cutting techniques are being made.

This aspect is important because the hair length can often make a major difference when it comes to which hairstyles are suitable and which not. Sometimes a certain hairstyle can do wonders for our facial features but if we change the length, we might often find that the effects are completely different, sometimes even opposite.

Medium curly layered hairstyles are often preferred by many women as they help remove the heaviness associated with thick natural curls as well as for an easier hair care regimen. Curly layered hairstyles also tend to appear more structured, a thing that not only creates more styling possibilities but also makes the entire hairstyle look more complex.

To create a contrasting effect and to frame your face at the same time you can choose to straighten your bangs. Depending on the chosen styles you can create contrasts to varying degrees. Full straight across bangs will provide the biggest contrast while side swept bangs will look natural and stylish without effort.

Medium Curly Hairstyles Medium Curly Hairstyles

For a natural look it is best to avoid dramatic layering techniques as they might appear too exaggerated when they come in contrast with tight curls and might affect your overall length more than you would want to. When creating a medium curly hairstyle you should make sure that you use products that will enable you to get the most of your curls.

To be able to control your curls effectively and to have an easier time creating the hairstyles you want you should make sure that you always have at hand a product to help you control hair frizz, a curl enhancing product to boost the beauty of your curls as well as a finishing cream for the last touches. If you use heat based tools to enhance your curls, you should also add a thermal protection spray to your styling kit. An ionic drier can also be extremely helpful in preventing excessive hair dryness and in enhancing the beauty of your locks.

Medium curly hairstyles can easily be transformed into faux bob hairstyles without sacrificing hair length. Faux bob hairstyles can be most easily created a day after you wash your hair because your hair is easier to style than immediately after you’ve washed your hair. Since your hair is naturally curly you will have a far easier time getting this look. It is not necessary to worry about getting perfectly even curls because your main goal is to make the hairstyle look as natural as possible. However, if you want a more polished look, you may use a large barrel curling iron for extra definition.

Medium Curly Hairstyles Medium Curly Hairstyles Medium Curly Hairstyles Medium Curly Hairstyles

Make sure to keep the bottom layers secured with bobby pins. You will use bobby pins to create two different lengths. The first length should be close to the hair line while the second should reach the neck line. Tousle the top layers to blend them with the pined sections and secure the hairstyle with a little hairspray as a finishing touch.

Medium curly hair can be styled in a lot of ways depending on the effect you are trying to get. Many of the techniques used to create different hairstyles are virtually the same, however, with a few simple modifications the entire look of a certain hairstyle can change depending on the desired influences you want your hairstyle to have. The more you try out different styles, the more you will be able to update your look on a daily basis with flattering choices that will reflect your personality and your beautiful features.

Medium Curly Hairstyles Medium Curly Hairstyles

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