Methods to Get Fabulous Curls

Methods to Get Fabulous Curls

Curly hairstyles are increasing in popularity as they are fabulous, elegant and suit all hair lengths, as there are a variety of curls types to choose from. The evolution of the hair styling products has allowed women to choose from a variety of methods to get fabulous curls incorporated through their tresses regardless of the natural hair type.

Different methods or curling the hair help obtain different results, which are only beneficial for women as they can choose the method that they feel most comfortable with and have the opportunity to experiment with different looks. You can choose soft curls as well as tight curls depending on your hair length and face shape. Not all women benefit from the same curly hairstyles so try to experiment with different curly hair styles so you can determine which type of curls suit you best. In order to help you find the right method to get fabulous curls, we have put together the most popular methods so give them a try and see which one works best for you in achieving the desired result:

Using a flat iron

Flat irons are hair styling tools which use heat to style the hair. Although designed to obtain sleek straight hair, hair stylist have discovered that the right technique can make the flat iron more versatile and help obtain curly hair. The flat iron is heated at the right temperature and a thin hair strand is placed between the heated plates of the flat iron. After the flat iron is closed, turn the flat iron in a “U” shape and pull the flat iron gently down. This motion will help obtain lovely curs which can be set in place using hairspray.

Using a curling iron

Curling irons are hair styling tools created specifically to help create lovely curls using heat. The barrel is heated and a small strand of hair is wrapped around the barrel for about 30 seconds. The heat will make the hair receive the barrels shape and thus a curl is obtained. It is important to keep the hair stand curled into shape even after removing the hair from the curling iron’s barrel until it cools to ensure the hair will set into the desired shape better. The wider the curling barrel the looser the curls will be so make sure you choose the curling iron to suit your needs.

Using hair rollers

Hair rollers are perfect when it comes to curling the hair and there are a variety of hair rollers to choose from. You can go for plastic hair rollers, heated hair rollers, metallic hair roller or bendy hair rollers as they are all meant to help you obtain fabulous curls. Heated hair rollers are the only ones which can be used on dry hair, the rest need to be applied on damp hair to be able to create the desired effect. The larder the rods the looser the curls and vice-versa so make sure you choose right.

Methods to Get Fabulous Curls Methods to Get Fabulous Curls

Using paper

Using paper to curl your hair can be one of the cheapest and funniest ways to create your curls. Regardless of how crazy this method sounds, it actually works and the results obtained might surprise you in a pleasant manner. Strips of paper bag paper are used to wrap the hair similar to a bendy hair roller and the ends of the paper are tied together to hold the hair in place. The hair needs to be damp when using this method and the result will be better if the hair is allowed to dry naturally(create the curls before bedtime so it can dry over night). The curls will look fairly tight the first day but the full fab result will be visible the second day when the hair relaxes and receive a softer look.

Choose to try out different hair curling methods so you can determine which one suits you best so you can always look gorgeous with your fabulous curly tresses.