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Morning Makeup After a Sleepless Night

Morning Makeup After a Sleepless Night

We all have days when we just can’t fall asleep for different reasons. Whether it’s cause you had an argument with someone you care for or you have problems at school or at work one thing happens the same for everyone in the morning. The fact that our body and mind didn’t get the much needed rest shows on the outside of the body as well. You will have red eyes, dark circles and a paler complexion.

In order to make yourself appear like you had a good night sleep you need to know what to do and how to hide the sleepless night effects over the skin. You will need to calm down and start pampering yourself.

Begin by washing your face with cold water in order to refresh the face. The cold water will cause a better blood circulation. Use a facial scrub to remove all the dead skin cells that had built up during the night and can leave the skin looking dull.

Moisturize your face so it won’t feel too tight. Moisturizer will also help the skin regain it’s vitality

Apply a cold patch of ice or some cold cucumbers to get rid of the eye puffiness because cold and cucumber act as a astringent. The cold will make the fluid retained under the eyes to be absorbed, but this is only a short time relieve.

Apply some eye drops to eliminate some of the redness of the eyes.

Morning Makeup After a Sleepless Night Morning Makeup After a Sleepless Night

Apply concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles. The concealer will blur the the dark circles under the eyes making them similar to the rest of the skin.

Apply foundation lightly. You want to get coverage and a flawless complexion. If you add too much you will draw too much attention towards your face.

Curl your eyelashes, apply mascara and lip gloss to your lips as finishing touches.

You will now look like you have had a very good night of sleep.

Morning Makeup After a Sleepless Night

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