Most-Wanted Short Hairstyles in 2020

Most-Wanted Short Hairstyles in 2020

Short hairstyles get a striking personality mix in 2020: cap cuts are soft and sexy courtesy of longer layers but heavy, sweeping bangs will be also a popular style element in mini cuts.

Take a closer look at the latest short hair trends to discover their versatility. This season update your look with an incredibly stylish micro-cut. Wave goodbye to monotony and catapult yourself onto the best-tressed list with an original look. Textured pixie will offer you the chance to fake your way to super-thick and voluminous locks.

Natural movement is one of the greatest advantages of short cropped style. Get rid of unmanageable texture with a few styling tricks and flaunt your creativity by sporting a brand new and revitalized hair design each time you hit the boardwalk.

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Join the pack of fashionistas who are not afraid of making dramatic changes in their appearance. Once you’ve discovered the gorgeous impact of a new short crop, no way you would like to stick to a plain and boring length. Perk up your statement short style with innovative sculpting ideas. Wear your tresses messy and modern by experimenting with different hair styling formulas. Furthermore, if you want to emphasize your sensual and romantic side, you’ll be also able to rock the sleek hair trend. These in-salon hair designs help you strengthen your reputation as an aspiring trendsetter in the world of hairdressing.

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‘Bring sexy back’ with a gorgeous close-cropped haircut! Let your creativity rule the selection of an ultra-flattering haido. These iconic looks will show you a fab insight into the latest hairdressing trends in terms of short hair. Inject texture and body into your locks with root lifting formulas and volumizers. Master the art of using only high-street products which ease the styling process. Try to re-create the most impressive celebrity short hairstyles and show long-hair-fans how sexy micro-crops can really be. Try a sexy sleek ‘do for a romantic date and formal events. On the other hand, glam parties scream for tousling, teasing and bold hair accessories.

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