Nail Art Designs for Kids – Top 9 Collection For Your Child

Don’t you feel like going back to your childhood sometimes? Of course you do. It’s good to act like a child sometimes and do stupid things. But even better is to try giving your nails some kid style nail art designs which are easy to create and sport.

Kids Nail Art Designs:

Here are our top 9 nail art for kids which girls of all ages can try out. Give these a try!

1. Rainbow and Clouds Nail Art:

nail art for kids

This is a very sweet looking nail art which anyone can try out with a nice blue colour, white polish, some red, yellow, green, deep blue and purple for the rainbows and you can additionally use some glitters on to it. Draw some clouds with attached dots with your dotting tools and a face too. Finish off with a nice layer of top coat.

2. Butterfly Free Hand Nail Art:

Butterfly free hand nail art

Try out a nice freehand butterfly nail art like this one. It is very amazing nail art for kids to draw it with your nail art brush and dotting tools. Finish off with a glitter polish of your choice.

3. Polka Dots and Easy French Tips:

You can give this a try. Polka dots of white on red and black base paint, a demarcation with your nail art brush for and another colour for the tip. You don’t need to use the same colours. Use colours of your own choice. Finish off with a top coat.

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4. Sweet Panda Nail Arts:

Sweet panda nail art

Panda nails are very effective and easy to create with your dotting tools. Use a white colour for the base. You will surely like this design and you can wear it with different coloured clothes.

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5. Easy to Create Penguin Nails:

Easy to create penguin nails

You can create nice penguin nails by following the process shown above. Give it a try. It looks really sweet. Do it on your middle finger and keep other fingers simple. The steps are explained well in the picture. You can use a dotting tool and a nail art brush or just a toothpick for the whole design.

6. Easy to Do Hello Kitty French Tips.:

Easy to do hello kitty French tips

You can try out hello kitty French tips like this. You just need to draw up the dots for the eyes, some lines with a striper for the whiskers and a dotting yellow for the nose. Additionally use a nail art deco bow for the hello kitty’s bow.

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7. Easy Watermelon Nails:

Easy water melon nails

You can easily try out watermelon nails with just a pink or red base colour of your choice, your toothpick or a nail art brush for the dots and a striper for the white demarcation. Do the tips in a shade of dark green or moss green. Give it a try.

8. Ombre Nail Arts:

Ombre nails or gradient nails can be easily created by novices in the world of nail art and it doesn’t see your age to sport it. Anyone can do and sport it. You will need 2-3 colours on ascending or descending intensity of shades. Here the colours are blue, purple and pink. Use a sponge for the gradient effect. Finish off with a top coat.

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9. Splatter Nail Designs:

Splatter nails

Polka dots in different colours and shapes are what make a splatter nail. You can use your nail art brush for splattering colours or you can also use dotting tools for using different colours on to the nails. If you are using a dotting tool then you will get even shaped dots, like above, and if you are using the splattering formula then you will get uneven dots. Both look good. Finish off with a top coat.

Did you like this article? Which easy design will you give a try?