Oily Eyelids: Makeup Tips and Tricks

Oily Eyelids: Makeup Tips and Tricks

Eye shadow creases faster on oily eyelids and your makeup can be ruined after just a few hours. Try the best makeup tips and tricks for oily eyelids makeup that lasts and keep looking great.

If your eyelids get shiny in 3-4 hours after washing your face and skipping makeup, then you have naturally oily eyelids and the natural oils on your skin can create a few obstacles that you need to circumvent to create the right look for you.

Preparing Oily Eyelids for Makeup

Cleansing and moisturizing the skin are the most important steps, but you can also use a mattifying cream or gel on your eyelids to keep the natural oils in check. You can also use a primer, not the regular one, but a special eye makeup primer to forget about oily eyelids.

Use a powder foundation to improve the lifespan of oily eyelids makeup and apply finishing powder after the foundation. Mineral powders are excellent for absorbing oils and not letting them crease up your makeup, so you have one more reason to choose mineral makeup if you have oily eye lids. Apply the powder with a concealer brush on your eyelids for best results.

Oily Eyelids: Makeup Tips and Tricks

Oily Eyelids Makeup Tips

Liquid or cream eye shadows should be avoided even if they promise oil control, since they’ll break down easily once they mix with the natural oils on your skin. Choose powder for the best look, whether you opt for loose or pressed.

If you want a natural effect, follow one of our natural makeup tips: choose loose eye shadow powder that can help you get softer effects on your oily eyelids.

Pressed powder can be less messy, so a better option for oily eyelids eye makeup, but you should be experienced with a brush to apply it properly.

You can also try to set your liner with a coordinating powder eyeshadow. Gently pat the eyeshadow right on top of your liner to make it last for longer.

Oily Eyelids: Makeup Tips and Tricks

Oily Eyelids Eye Makeup Solutions

If the powder foundation isn’t the right product for you, use an eyeshadow primer along with the finishing powder that can prevent any problems after the application of eye shadow and help you forget about shiny eyelids.

When dealing with excessively oily eyelids, you may even need to stop applying the eye shadow on your entire eyelid or try a different tactic for oily eyelids eye makeup that works wonders especially in the summer.

Use an angle brush and apply powder shadow only on the lower third of the eyelid. Highlight using a light color in the inner corner of the eye and under the curve of the brow. Finish your look with a waterproof pencil or cream eyeliner.

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