Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you are tired of waxing, threading or tweezing unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option you could consider. This is one of the famous cosmetic procedures followed in the US and can be treated on all types of hair colour. It beams light which is high in concentration into the hair follicles. The pigment in your hair follicles will absorb the light. Your hair will be destroyed after this.

Laser removals are useful for several areas of your body such as bikini lines, under arms, legs, arms and face. A basic idea and understanding and the several kinds of benefits and side effects have been shared here.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What Is Laser Removal Treatment:

Laser hair removal is way more than just zapping all the hair off. It is a medical procedure that requires a lot of training and practice. It carries potential risks and cannot be done unless you are a professional. Before you get this done, make sure you go and consult with your doctor. If you are going to try this out for sure, try to stay away from waxing and threading from about six weeks from before. It will target the hair roots and prevent the coming of new hair. Your skill will also be very soft after this.

Laser hair removal is a space age technology that has been adopted by many people worldwide who are truly frustrated with removing unwanted hair via traditional methods such as threading and waxing. Not only is this process full proof and permanent but it is also available at very affordable service prices making it something that you can opt for if you’re looking for affordable and permanent hair removal methods. With laser hair removal spreading across the globe more and more people are now opting for this extraordinary hair removal method. This process includes burning the ends and the roots of your hair follicles so as to hamper or stunt the growth of your hair in that region. Though it seems like an extremely harsh process on the contrary it is absolutely painless and leaves no marks after the job is done. Given below are a few elaborated benefits of laser hair removal treatment.

Benefits Of  Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

The benefits are several. First of all, it is all about precision. It will selectively target all the dark and coarse areas of your body and will leave the damaged and sun burnt skin behind. The second benefit is predictability. More than ninety percent of people who have tried this have had permanent hair loss after around four to five laser removal sessions. The third and final benefit is speed. Within a fraction of a second, you can treat several hairs at the same time. Small areas such as the upper lip and lower chin can be treated as well.

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How To Prevent Long Term Danger:

To avoid long term danger after you have finished laser hair removal, you need to stay away from sun tanning, tan creams and tan treatments. You should also check if there is a contrast between skin and hair colour. Try using diode lasers and yag lasers as they can be used for any kind of skin tone. They hardly have any side effects and have been appreciated by most who have used them.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Treatment:


You feel pain both before and after the entire procedure. Discomfort can be reduced by using a proper and local anesthetic or methods that are provided at the clinic. If you prescribe pain relief mediation, then there will be lesser discomfort. However, it would be best to consulting your doctor or an expert regarding this.

Swelling And Redness:

After the area has been treated, there is a huge chance that you might notice some redness or swollenness. You can take some topical treatment that has been prescribed by a physician or speak to him about the options you can use before the procedure is started. You can also consult a practitioner on the possible solutions you can have and what the treatments you can use to heal yourself completely.

Skin Discoloring:

Skin discoloring means that a particular area of your body shall be light and discolored. Since the laser has a tendency of affecting the pigmentation of your skin, it can occur in darker skin tones too. Even though it is not a painful sight to see but it is definitely permanent and quite damaging to your skin. It could be severe and emotionally damaging too.


Another major side effect of laser hair removal is scarring. This one is absolutely horrible. It is quite a painful sight to see and is permanent indeed. It could happen if the treatment has been overdone. Even though you are getting this removal done by an expert or professional, you should be prepared for the hazards. All of this comes with a risk.

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Skin Cancer:

All laser hair removal systems use non-ionizing radiation. It basically means that your DNA will be breaking down causing cancer in the long run. So in order to stay away from this great problem, minimize your risk by going to the clinic and understanding the wide ranges and varieties of hair removal systems. Try to know what kind of treatment shall affect your skin type and how many people have been treated with it. This will help you make better decisions for sure.

Measures You Can Take:

Some of the best measures you can take are to avoid stepping under the sun weeks before you get this treatment done properly. You can also apply a bleaching cream if you like so that your body doesn’t look unattractive or unkempt. The next thing you should do is to keep every single area of your body very clean. If you are getting your face treated, try and stay away from makeup. Also start getting medications on the advice of your practitioner so that you can avoid any kind of side effect. You should also use a herbal hair removal as it is very natural and does not cause any damage to your hair or skin.

Cost For Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

On an average level, four sessions are enough in order to get your hair completely ready. People who have dark or grey hair should expect increased prices since it is more difficult to get them off. More sessions are also required if your hair is too black or dark. Depending on the area of the body, you will be charged. For your under arms, you will be charged 300 dollars a session. For Bikini, you will have to spend 425 dollars and for male chest hair, about 475 dollars. So you need to be sure before you make a choice.


Some of the biggest laser hair removal facts include flexibility as now you can reach some of those extremely difficult to reach areas so as to remove the hair you need gone immediately. The flexibility of the treatment makes it easy for you to stay hair free permanently in the areas where you could not reach before such as under the chin and on your back. Another flexible factor is that the treatment can be done at any point in time without affecting any areas where you want to keep your hair as the process is more of a segmented treatment.

Hair Removal:

Hair removal is the basic step for laser treatment for hair removal and this is the most primary benefit as well. Many people on a daily basis suffer with excess hair in unwanted areas that cause discomfort and other related issues. An added issue is that some hair is located at times beyond reach or sight making it difficult to remove thus laser treatment comes in handy at these times.

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Permanent Laser Hair Treatment:

Laser treatment is a permanent process that is the best for all people who require removing any unwanted layers of hair on their body permanently. With this option available at affordable prices many people tend to opt for it. It is a safe and secure process as well having no side effects that can harm you in the later stages.

Some Things To Be Careful Of:

Haphazard Treatment:

Though this treatment is mostly carried out by trained professionals there are a few companies that tend to lack professionalism at certain points in time causing a butchery of the treatment which may cause you discomfort. Laser hair removal treatment is a delicate process that requires hands on and professional personnel at all points in time. Always do a little research before hand to determine the goodwill of the company you choose to do business with before moving ahead with your plans.

Over Priced Services:

Many companies charge a little extra for basic services provided that is why it is always better to compare service costs before moving ahead with any plans in regards to permanent laser hair removal.

This article talks about laser hair removal and its benefits and drawbacks. Though there are a couple of points to take into account when continuing with the treatment at the end of the day with all its benefits laser hair removal is a very ideal process.