Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Nothing exudes confidence and femininity more than perfectly arched eyebrows – so women have been going through a great deal of trouble to always have them looking great. Permanent makeup for eyebrows has become a trend many women go for in order to save time. The procedure is generally considered safe and is similar to tattoos, involving a needle that places pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows: Before and After Instructions

Before appointing a day and time for your permanent eyebrows makeup procedure, you should also consider the period and aftercare required for your cosmetic tattoos to heal properly. Don’t make any big plans for the next couple of days nor engage in anything that requires lots of effort. There might be some swelling, so your eyebrows might not be in top shape. Find things to keep you busy around the house.

Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Your technician might advise against sedation for your permanent eyebrow procedure, since your brow areas will numb immediately and – depending on the design –it won’t even take that long either. Right afterwards, due to the intensity of the procedure, the aspect of your new eyebrows permanent makeup will appear uneven and unusually thick.

The color might not even look anything like the one you wanted the first few days. You needn’t worry and do allow time for your permanent eyebrow makeup to soften up. After the skin has healed over, you can put a bit of powder on it to mask it if you want to get out and about.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Cost

The average permanent makeup eyebrows cost varies but it could get you somewhere from $400 to $800. A highly skilled technician might charge $150 up to $250 per hour. Many of these permanent eyebrow makeup procedures are commonly referred to as paramedical, yet should best be done by a specialist.

The permanent makeup eyebrows cost should not be the most important factor when approaching your potential permanent cosmetic professional. What matters is their training and skills in performing the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure as well as recommendations: the work of a specialist speaks for itself.

Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup: An Alternative

In time, the colors of your eyebrow permanent makeup can wear off, resulting in an uneven look. Specialists say that this will almost certainly happen if your technician uses black India ink, which is not exactly recommended in micro-pigmentation.

Therefore, you can opt for the less expensive and less problematic alternative: semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, which could last between 9 and 18 months and is done using natural, mineral-based and non-toxic pigments, meaning treatments are hypoallergenic. However, you’d have to have your semi-permanent makeup eyebrows redone after the colors faded.

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