Porcelain Doll Look Makeup

Porcelain Doll Look Makeup

This vintage make-up style has been greatly preferred by women in the 18th century and it seems that this make-up style is making its way back. The porcelain doll look is characterized by a pale flawless complexion, rosy cheekbones, soft and delicate eye make-up, gorgeous eyelashes and gorgeous nude or colored lips.

Because the porcelain doll look has a flawless appearance many women have fallen in love with it. It helps create a very vintage, almost theatrical appearance if highly accentuated. Perfection has been the goal of every woman and it seems that the new cosmetic products are trying to help achieve the much desired perfect look. A look adopted on the runway fashion presentations as well, the porcelain doll look is the perfect solution for women who want to get a perfect look. In order to shine it isn’t necessary to use glittery or shimmery cosmetics. A matte, subtle and flawless Victorian looking complexion will help you shine and attract the desired attention. Here are some tips to help you achieve the flawless porcelain look you are looking for:

Porcelain Doll Look Makeup Porcelain Doll Look Makeup Porcelain Doll Look Makeup Porcelain Doll Look Makeup

start with a freshly clean and exfoliated complexion. Use a mild cleanser or exfoliator on your face as you don’t want to irritate your complexion. The exfoliator is meant to remove any dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and smooth complexion

moisturize your complexion after each exfoliation as this is the time when the highly nutritional cream will penetrate your skin best. This will prevent your skin from over drying and will promote a healthy new and smooth skin regeneration

conceal any blemishes with a concealer to ensure that all imperfections are covered up. The foundation cannot offer a great coverage on dark or red spots

apply make-up base and a matte foundation uniformly on your skin. Make sure the make-up is the same color as your complexion so that it blends beautifully with the skin

set the foundation with translucent powder so you can benefit from your make-up for longer

apply a white eyeliner on your waterline as it helps brighten up and enlarge the eyes. The white eyeliner creates a very soft and innocent look that suits everyone

apply natural looking false eyelashes for a more glamorous and vintage look. This way you will obtain more eye definition

coat your eyelashes with mascara to bring out the eyelashes and unite your natural lashes with the artificial ones

contour your lips with a lip liner for more definition and apply a nude or colored lipstick or lip gloss on your lips to emphasize their sexiness

This type of make-up should make you stand out but make sure your make-up is more subtle as too obvious, heavy make-up is not as flattering. You should look natural even though it is obvious you are wearing make-up.

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