Pro Makeup Tips from Francois Nars

Pro Makeup Tips from Francois Nars

Give yourself a one minute makeover by updating your beauty skills to the next level. Francois Nars is the guru who’ll guide you through the recent techniques of applying all the basic and more complex cosmetic formulas. Are you addicted to experimenting with gorgeous makeup trends and designs?

The following professional makeup tips from Francois Nars will offer you the chance to stay up-to-date with catwalk- and red carpet-inspired looks. Ditch out all the worn-out brushes and low quality products to guarantee the success of your transformation. Raid specialized stores for the latest collections of your fave beauty brands. Let Francois Nars pamper you with the best tutorials to pave your way of becoming an influential and aspiring glam diva.

Foundation Tip

Francois Nars is one of the most beloved beauticians in the world of fashion and now he offers us a magical tip on how to select the most flattering foundation. Natural light is essential, however, the shade of this product should also match the color of the base of the neck. Use your fingers to secure the even spreading of this product on your face and neck. For more coverage, use a matte foundation whereas glow foundation is perfect if you want to have a revitalized and healthy complexion.

Pro Makeup Tips from Francois Nars

Eye Makeup Tip

First, it is advisable to use an eye pencil to define the ideal shape of your eyes. Go along the waterline with this makeup product and use a brush to smudge the sharp line and create a more softened effect.

In order to nail down a catchy look, it is a must to use a different but matching shade to highlight the inner corner of your brow bone and eyes. Remember beige and bronze shades are suitable for every eye color and skin tone.

The secret to perfectly blend the various eye shadows is to prep lids with loose powder. Finish up highlighting your glimpse with this simple makeup strategy from Francois Nars.

Blush Tip

Francois Nars is fond of natural-looking makeup looks. In order to create a natural flush he uses only cream blush formulas. The application is super-simple. All you have to do is follow a rectangular direction to blend the blush into your natural skin tone. The creamy texture will guarantee the uniform spreading of the blusher. In order to pull off a girly look you can use the most suitable blush shade around the hairline, on the tip of your nose, the cheeks as well as on the temples and jaw line.

Lip Color Tip

FN highly recommends the use of a lip-liner to define the shape of our lips. In order to stay confident it is important to sport a lip makeup which offers you an instant confidence boost. Do you want to soften the maximum impact of your red or dark lips? Use a light shade of gloss to soften the look and play up your feminine sex-appeal.

Makeup Brush Tip

The best makeup tool tip of Francois Nars is to use only densely packed brushes. These contribute to the perfect application of powder and other cosmetic formulas. Skip the use of low-quality brushes to save yourself from any meltdown. The makeup artist also claims that “you might be able to get away with cheap makeup but never with cheap brushes.”

Pro Makeup Tips from Francois Nars

Image courtesy of Getty Images, Francois Nars